In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the alternative rock artist, Josh Moreland, reveals one of his crazy stories from being on... Josh Moreland – CRAZY TOUR STORIES

In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the alternative rock artist, Josh Moreland, reveals one of his crazy stories from being on tour. You can check out the story and listen to his newest single, 3 Feet From Gold, after the break.

After performing countless local shows in my home state of Florida since 2003, in and out of singing groups, choirs etc. I landed my 1st solo tour in 2008 for the cities of Antwerp, Belgium, and Stuttgart, Germany after doing a popular show called American Idol Season 7 and no I didn’t win or even make it to LA yet, no golden ticket. But what I did obtain was an email from an awesome stranger by the name of Tine Keisers, a lady who would later become a lifelong friend. She saw my audition online that PrimeTime TV FOX plastered on Youtube and she says til this day she saw something special in me and my voice, so she emailed me on Myspace to contact me to ask if I had ever traveled abroad to sing and perform. The conversation went a little like this.


Tine: “Do you know anyone in Europe who could promote you here in Europe Josh?”
Me: No, I have no idea, I don’t know anyone.”
Tine: Well, you do now and I am going to fly you over here to do your 1st international tour because I believe in your talent.”
Me: Are you serious, Don’t play with my heart lol, if you are serious buy the ticket within 48 hours


I was like “WOW” this can’t be real lol, this blew me away…I ran around my manager’s house screaming out of control because I remember telling my friends a year and a half prior that I want to perform in Europe and tour and that I have no idea how it’s going to happen, but I will get there.


At this point in my life, Faith was complete evidence that I can manifest anything I want because, guess what I did a year prior to going on my 1st tour, I told my closest friends and dancers that I am buying my International Passport so I can travel abroad and perform, not to vacation but to actually sing in front of an international audience. Everybody laughed, no one believed me, so when the opportunity came later in 2008 I waved my friends goodbye as I went on my 1st international tour by myself and I haven’t stopped since. Since then I have traveled and toured Jakarta, Indonesia with Far East Movement in front of audiences of 21K plus. China, South Korea, London, Jamaica, Germany and so much more, with celebrity acts such as Mario, Ginuwine, Jason Derulo. By the way, on my 2nd Tour to Europe, I was able to bring those same friends who didn’t believe, hmmm funny how life works out, lol.


The Open mics circuit is how I started putting the dream into action. This was my 1st initial step, but it was my imagination that made it possible. While I was on stage at these open mics in my local backyard of Florida, I would imagine myself in front of an ocean of people literally, when it’s only about 6 or 7 people in the bar or room. Touring the world came from my imagination, no longer a dream, now a reality. It took the work, building my skill, building my show, building my confidence and when life was ready to deliver my dream I was ready. This is the short version of how it all happened but it came down to one point, FAITH. Faith is imagination and creation in motion. One last word of advice, don’t take for granted the gift we were given for free, Imagination. My message today is Don’t Live Life “3 Feet From Gold”…its already inside of you, you are the GOLD. Activate it!

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