This crazy story from the road was written by the electronic indie rock band, JoyCut. You can check out the band’s story, after the... JoyCut – CRAZY TOUR STORIES

This crazy story from the road was written by the electronic indie rock band, JoyCut. You can check out the band’s story, after the break.

When you are on tour there are loads of little stories to tell. Funny or astonishing details to keep in mind, wonderful adventures never to forget. But at the end of the day everything that happens is often linked to the fact that you are going to play your music somewhere. I feel like underlining this aspect because it is right like when you go to watch a soccer match as an involved fan. The ordinary meaning of life completely changes. You are going to do your thing and at the same time you represent something else. You do not belong to yourself anymore. You are part of the group. You do not walk alone. You never walk alone. All the colors you see, all the flavors you can taste, everything, appears raised to another dimension, it is just like living inside a transparent bubble. Overall, it’s a magical and unreal journey, you feel like an endangered species, all around you it’s bright and shining and, pretending to be part of a mission, your role seems to be well defined, you know who you look like in another’s eye, you are in a band! Everything you do has its unique value and it is important! The whole world needs you and you can’t ignore its expectations. You have a show to perform. You are different, you do art, for a certain stupid and inexplicable reason, you feel you are invincible.

That being said, a few years ago we were touring in northern Europe and one of the shows we played was in Germany. Basically, we had this super gig there, the venue (which unfortunately does not exist anymore) was packed and the crowd was so enthusiastic. We were asked to play more and we did it with pleasure. Once we left the stage, celebrating the powerful performance in the greenroom, we were clearly able to hear a bunch of screams shouting “more… more…” Well, “no problem” we thought between us, so we decided to go on stage again for a couple more songs and we did it with immense strength and attitude. The strange thing was that we noticed that more people were entering, even though there was no space to fill anymore… people were there screaming and dancing and they wanted more! We did not know what to do…. so once on stage, after playing our encore set and those couple of extra songs… we felt like we got lost. Nobody came to tell us what to do… the situation was turning into such a dangerous mood. Our feeling suddenly changed because we felt like the crowd did not care about who could be on stage! At the beginning we thought they wanted us, but at that point we fell into a strange dark sentiment.

The place was indefinitely full, we froze on stage looking at them, they started to scream, “JoyCut, JoyCut, JoyCut….”… wtf! What to do? We played again the first song of the setlist, then the second, the third…. till the end for another 45 minutes_ It was not enough. We started playing a super long loop riff, and one after the other we left the instruments and the stage. The drum bit remained there for I do not know how long. We played more than 3 hours. A super and unforgettable success! But the most incredible thing was still going to happen! We heard a knock on the greenroom door, I went to open it, this guy came in, a man in his seventies, tall and rather robust. Sweet, with a deep voice and an American accent. He gave us loads of compliments, hugs and used super kind words. He did not say anything about himself, we barely did not ask. He showed us our CD and one of our T-Shirt he bought at the merch desk. Everything took a just couple of foolish minutes. But we realized soon how crazy that night was, we knew that something strange was happening. That man was exactly like Elvis! If I could swear to any God, I would tell…he was Elvis Presley in person!

But, at the end of the day, Elvis left the building. These incredible adventures vanish as quickly as they appear. But, that’s the beauty of it all, of being on tour. You never know what to expect, but you’re guaranteed that something or someone magical awaits, wherever you go….

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