In this Dream Tour segment, the alternative rock band, KOYO, chats about their ultimate tour lineup. KOYO – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the alternative rock band, KOYO, chats about their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

Our dream tour would be driving around in a big yellow van up and down the M1, filled with visions of the British motorway services and the Golden Arches, and fueled on a budget by Buckfast and Liquid Gold. Oh wait, we already did that! On a serious note, our ultimate dream would be to get over to you guys in America and go from East to West and North to South with a band like Queens of the Stone Age or Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Someone with real heroic status.


There are so many bands we’d love to support so it’s hard to whittle it down but the reason I mention them is because bands like that have such legendary chemistry and they’re at a size we aspire to be at. Our music feels best on big stages. They’re bands that have obvious talent and individuality but come together so organically, playing for each other and not just themselves. There’s still a realness and a rawness to what they do. A lot of music can sound contrived and that raw talent can end up hidden behind overthinking and over perfection. We’re in the studio recording our second album and it’s that kind of thing that’s inspiring us at the moment. We just want to make a record that just sounds like the five of us, sounding as we do when you come out and see us on tour.


So with that in mind, we’d be the first band on. We’d have a chance to watch the headliners from the sidelines every night. And then main support would be a more contemporary band like Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Tame Impala or Pond. We like to see where things can go live, willing to jam on things a little bit, so we’d maybe have a few guest spots from guys that have influenced us in that department. Maybe Jon Scofield for a guest solo or we’d get Mark Guiliana up for a double drum thing. You know, because it would be fun. Then every night there would be an afterparty with someone like Jon Hopkins closing proceedings with a DJ set.


The best thing about touring for us has been meeting other bands, discovering new places and the camaraderie and band of brothers type relationships you build along the way. When you get that feeling that it’s you against the world and you’re really building your name and winning people over that’s what it’s all about really. The further away from home we can take this the stronger that feeling will become. So check out our new album when it comes out later this year. The first single, Before, will be released on 22nd Feb. If you like, give us a reason to come over and play for you guys!

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