Last Call Tour feat. Every Avenue – REVIEW Last Call Tour feat. Every Avenue – REVIEW
Here is our review of Every Avenue’s final tour that they dubbed, “Last Call Tour”. It featured performances from Set It Off and Car... Last Call Tour feat. Every Avenue – REVIEW

Here is our review of Every Avenue’s final tour that they dubbed, “Last Call Tour”. It featured performances from Set It Off and Car Party as well. You can check out our review after the break.

There are no words to describe a show such as this one. A show with so much passion, love, and energy that I still can’t believe it happened. Waiting in the cold, outside the Bottom Lounge, for Every Avenue’s farewell tour was definitely well worth it.

The first band to open the night, to this sold out show, was Car Party. Before this night I had no idea who they were or that they were even on the tour. I can honestly say now that after their performance, I am a huge fan. They started the night off right, getting the crowd pumped for the bands to come. Keyboardist, Nick, even did a sort of handstand on his keyboard during one of the songs and the crowd cheered for him. Playing songs such as “Hopeless” and “Dollar Sign”, from their new EP Patterns, I do encourage everyone to give them a listen. Lead singer, Mike, invited everyone to come and meet them after the set and show. What I do really love that they did is after the show they were walking around with their cd’s, meeting fans, talking with them and being friendly. They are very down to earth and even if you do not like their music, just talking with them will give you a laugh. You can tell from their performance they love what they do and doing it for the fans makes it even better.

“Make this night, a night worth living for,” were words spoken from the lead singer, Cody, of the next band to perform, Set It Off. I was very excited to see them since it was my first time and I really enjoy their music. Sadly their original drummer, Max, could not be there so they had a substitute. This sub though, did amazing for just learning their songs for that set and Cody made sure the crowd knew it, more than once. This being their last night of the tour they really went all out. Their energy was very high and the crowd really fed off that, with having a circle pit and Cody jumping into the crowd. During one of the last songs, they had their tour manager come up and play with them. Between songs Cody would banter with the crowd and told of how one of the songs was dedicated to a fan who had taken their own life. He explained how selfish that was and advised anyone who wanted to talk with them after the show about anything, that they were more than welcome to. Cody also had positive words for the crowd boosting them to follow their dreams, whatever they may be. Playing songs such as “Dreamcatcher” and “Swan Song”, Set It off delivered a phenomenal performance and I would not hesitate to go see them again when they come back.

It was now time for the moment I was both anticipating and dreading all in one. It was going to be, possibly, my last time seeing the talented guys of Every Avenue perform together. The lights dimmed, as the band came on stage and when they relit, they burst into playing “Days of the Old”. Making sure they played hits from all their albums, such as “Saying Goodbye”, “Think of You Later (Empty Room)”, and “Fall Apart”, Every Avenue gave it their all for this last show. They had the crowd going crazy and even crowd surfing. In between some songs, they explained how they basically got their start playing in Chicago and here they were ‘ending’ it here as well. It was very bittersweet. During most every song the crowd’s voice could be heard over lead singer, Dave’s. During a few songs, Dave and guitarist, Jimmie would jump into the crowd and crowd surf their way back to the stage. During the song “Mindset”, they had a fan, named Josh, singing on stage with them. They even had their original drummer, Mike come on stage and play for the song “Where were you?” After they played what was said to be their last song, the crowd did not go anywhere and instead chanted “encore, encore”, until they came back out and continued with four more songs. Two of them being acoustic versions of “Only Place I Call Home” and “Between You and I”, before they ended the night with “Tell Me I’m A Wreck”. If you were not able to attend one of these shows, on the Last Call tour, then you really missed out on an incredible night. Seeing all these bands perform and expressing their love for the music, the fans, for each other, was just overwhelming. Afterwards they made sure to stick around and meet their fans. As the band has been saying, “This isn’t goodbye, this is see you later”. I definitely hope to see bigger and better things coming from everyone who took that stage tonight.

Information about the review…
 Last Call Tour feat. Every Avenue
Bands: Every Avenue, Set It Off, Car Party
Review: Ali Jimenez
Date: December 21, 2012
Venue: The Bottom Lounge in Chicago, IL

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