In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the rock ‘n roll band, Levy & The Oaks, talk about one of their crazy moments from touring.... Levy & The Oaks – CRAZY TOUR STORIES

In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the rock ‘n roll band, Levy & The Oaks, talk about one of their crazy moments from touring. You can check out the feature, after the break.

When I was touring with my first band Socratic. Me and my friend Kevin saw our lives flash before our eyes. It was a late night drive coming from a show somewhere in Colorado. Now at that point in my life, I have never seen the Rocky Mountains. So this situation was new to me on so many levels. The night began after we loaded out of the venue. This could mean we are going to drive through the night or maybe hang around and catch a hotel on the way. I can remember it was late because we left after the bartender closed. Kevin hopped in the driver’s seat and I hopped in the passenger seat. The rest of the guys grabbed their sleeping quarters for the night.


We decided to drive into the night instead of catch that hotel room. Now I can’t recall the exact month but it was winter. So the streets were a bit icy and snow was always right around the corner. The tunes were playing on an iPod like any typical night after a show. The weather was nice for the most part. Cold but not uncomfortable. All of sudden, I can see a dark mist covering the road ahead. The lights of the van seem to disappear into it. Before I could even blink we were in the middle of a full-blown snow storm. Wind and all. We never saw it coming. Kevin doesn’t freak out or anything. He excepts it and we continue driving.


When you are driving in a van and a trailer you can feel you are towing something. It’s heavy. I knew something was wrong when I felt the van get lighter. Like we were floating above the road. I look over at Kevin and he’s looking at me already. Nothing seems to be wrong so we turn away and go back to normal. Not even five seconds later I see something in the corner of my right eye. It’s our trailer. Somehow it swung and was now riding alongside us on the ice. I see it and look over at Kevin. He again is already looking at me. It was almost surreal. I couldn’t even register how we were now driving down the mountain in a V formation. Very Might Ducks of us.


Before we could speak a word it slowly started to head back behind the van. It looked like it was popping in to say hello and now it was done with us. I watched as it casually passed the guys sleeping in the back. None of them had any idea. As light as a feather, it’s tires hit the road and was back in perfect position. Kevin and I are now staring at each other in disbelief of what just happened. At that moment the sky became clear. Like it never occurred. It was quiet. We made it out of the storm and nothing was ever broke with the trailer. It stands out to me as one of the weirder experiences I’ve had on the road. Drive safe!!

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