Little Destroyer – TOUR TIPS Little Destroyer – TOUR TIPS
In this Tour Tips segment, the indie rock band, Little Destroyer, recommends advice for being a musician on the road. Little Destroyer – TOUR TIPS

In this Tour Tips segment, the indie rock band, Little Destroyer, recommends advice for being a musician on the road. You can check out the tips, after the break.

Vegetables. Eat more vegetables. Don’t eat burgers every night. Bring a cooler and make grocery store stops. Also essential are Spits for driving. Don’t get the original flavor. That is the flavor of dust. Most recommended are dill pickle or all seasoned. Extra Pro Tip: DRINK WATER OR LITERALLY DIE


A pair of clean underpants and socks can do literal miracles for your comfort level. Your outwear can be covered in crumbs, hot sauce, mystery sauce, and cat hair but putting on a fresh set every morning of tour will help you feel human > dirtbag. Extra Pro Tip: bring yourself clean socks/undies to change into after your set.


Go to bed, you psycho. SLEEP. You know how essential sleep is for like, everything? IT’S AT LIKE THE MAXIMUM LEVEL. NOTHING IS MORE ESSENTIAL… EXCEPT MAYBE DRINKING WATER. DRINK WATER AND GET SLEEP, YOU PSYCHO. Just don’t party every night. Extra Pro Tip: bring yourself earplugs and a sleeping mask so you can sleep whenever wherever. Extra Extra pro tip: If you didn’t listen to us and you are dying of exhaustion, right before you’re supposed to perform hammer a coffee and then immediately have a power nap. This actually works!


You know how many times while on the road we’ve said: “we should have brought a Bluetooth speaker”… Every single goddamn time. Every time. Then we say “the band should buy one and then its the band one and then we have it and its good to have things like that because then we’ll just have it and not have to always remember how we should have one”. And you know what? We still haven’t bought one, because that’s being a musician. Extra Pro Tip: don’t be like us, buy one or bring one from home (Extra Extra Pro Tip: don’t tell your partner you’re taking the one from home).


5- 50 CENTS (an assortment of suggestions)
Have podcasts and music downloaded on your phone so when you aren’t in a data zone you can still listen to stuff. Hit local thrift stores. If you don’t have a TM make sure someone is the designated person who always gets payment. Roll dog: make sure no member of the band/team is left behind and keep tabs on each other so everyone is safe and accounted for, consider deciding who will be your roll dog and make a pact at the beginning of tour. Don’t spend $500 US in one night at a bar in Mexico City. Never accept a SPICE joint from a long-haired chicken carrying homeless man. Bring wet wipes. Bring face masks. Camping towels. Use Tushy whenever possible. Be mellow on days off. Eat BBQ whenever possible in the USA. Then eat vegetables. Tour with a bigger band that has a sick rider and then at the end of the night steal everything that wasn’t eaten/drank because you will definitely be starving by the time you get to wherever you’re staying. *Try* to stay in half-decent places and maybe budget for cheap motels. If in a sketchy zone and you aren’t bringing in gear someone sleeps in the van. Always bring in gear. Treat yourself and shower after the gig.

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