In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the alternative pop band, Lost Stars, shares one of their stories from being on the road. Lost Stars – CRAZY TOUR STORIES

In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the alternative pop band, Lost Stars, shares one of their stories from being on the road. You can check out the story, after the break.

A little over a year ago, Lost Stars was on tour in the northeast. The band is super passionate about touring, creating emotional connections with their audience, and spending quality time with every fan they meet. But, for Damian, Charley, and Trey no tour is complete without nonsense and a good laugh. One thing to know about the band is that the guys get a kick out of messing with people. But, it was on this particular run that Damian (lead singer) and Trey (guitarist) took some shenanigans too far. So far that Damian accidentally purchased drugs in broad daylight from a total stranger.


It was a beautiful spring afternoon in Philadelphia, and the band had stopped by Jim’s to get some cheesesteaks. We got cheesesteaks after the show the night before at Pat’s. But they were so damn good, we knew we had to get more before leaving for Baltimore. After the band ate, Damian decided to wander outside the restaurant. He paces a lot. On his way out the door, Trey ended up following him. The two were chatting about how the show went last night when an older couple walked up to them. They said “hello” in a friendly voice and the woman started talking to Damian about the beautiful weather and how him and Trey were in a band. On the other hand, Trey started having an entirely different conversation with the older man.


The stranger asked Trey, “Do you like to smoke weed?” Trey smirked and grabbed Damian by the shoulder. He replied to the man, “No sir. But this guy right here. He loves weed!” It was at this moment that Damian knew the game had begun. You see, Charley and Trey love lying to total strangers and creating fake personas and scenarios. The goal of the game is to see how deep into the lie you can get without the stranger suspecting anything. Never having smoked anything in his life, Damian decided to play along and told the man, “Yes I do!” The man questioned further, asking “how do you like your weed?” “He’s not big on smoking. He likes to keep his voice healthy,” Trey said while rolling his eyes. Damian chimed in, “Yeah… I prefer edibles.”


It was at this moment that the man stuffed four pieces of rolled up newspaper into Damian’s bomber jacket. He told Damian, “you’ll love this stuff!” Shocked and confused, Damian reached in his pocket and unwrapped what looked like a green mud brick the size of a dog tag. The man then said, “How does $30 sound?” Trey and Damian suddenly realized that they crossed a line that there was no coming back from. Damian said, “Um, I only have $20?” The man replied, “There’s an ATM right over there we can go to.” Now keep in mind, Damian can be fairly innocent at times and too nice for his own good. Maybe he thought that if he went to the ATM and paid the man, the problem would disappear. Who really knows what was going through his head. Trey’s eyes widened as Damian started walking away. It was during this exchange of events that Charley (guitarist/bassist) arrived on the scene, utterly confused.


Charley yelled from the street corner, “Damian, where are you going?!?” Damian awkwardly looked back at him and shrugged as he continued onward. Charley questioned Trey, “What the hell is going on?” as the backing band came out the front door of Jim’s. Denny, who had joined the guys on the tour to play bass, saw everything that was taking place and knew what he had to do. Denny chased after Damian and the strange man only to find the stranger heckling Damian for more money. Denny stood by Damian and clapped back at the man, “That’s not cool bro. A good businessman doesn’t change the price of the goods at the sale.” The strange man shouted back, “Don’t mess with me motherfucker! I’ve been to jail for homicide!” Denny stood his ground while Damian stood with his mouth practically on the floor. “You don’t want to start a scene here man. You mess with him, you mess with me!” Denny yelled and scared off the stranger.


Worried, the rest of the band waited for Denny and Damian to return. Confused, Damian looked at guys and said, “I’m sorry. I don’t know what just happened.” Charley concerningly asked, “What do you mean?” Damian slowly replied, “I think… I think I just bought drugs from a stranger?” To this day, no one is exactly sure what Damian mistakenly purchased on the streets of Philadelphia. And none were consumed out of fear.

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