In this Tour Tips segment, Shawn Strader, from the indie rock band, Lydia, shares his tips for being on the road. Lydia – TOUR TIPS

In this Tour Tips segment, Shawn Strader, from the indie rock band, Lydia, shares his tips for being on the road. You can check out his advice and stream their newest single, “Sunlight”, after the break.

1. Interacting with Other Bands/Crew/Staff
Don’t be an asshole. In fact, be as opposite of an asshole as you can. Hang out. Grab a beer. Shoot the shit. And know when to mind your own business. Making new friends on tour is great. I love that. But everyone needs space. If another band is about to hit the stage, they don’t need anyone else huddling up with them. Time and place.


2. Partying
First and foremost: crushing every performance on tour is your number one priority. Don’t let partying get in the way. But if you do indulge… Chase liquor with water. Try to sleep as much as possible. Don’t get lost in the city and force your band to track you down. Overall: know your limits, and be responsible for yourself. You’re a professional, so act like it.


3. Be Aware of Your Surroundings
Don’t tap on shit and play drums on the back of the seat in front of you (in general don’t be annoying). Don’t piss off the sound guy. And stay cognizant that each night is one big collective endeavor. Help out whenever you can. Everyone could use an extra hand, even you. So chip in, and ask for help when you need it.


4. Highest Highs, Lowest Lows
That’s the nature of the tour. Especially the long ones. So be sure to do the following – it’s all equally important:

– Make sleep a priority
– Make eating well a priority
– Stay Hydrated
– Master communication
– Stay in touch with loved ones back home
– Find healthy habits to occupy your time on the road
– Remember nobody out there is looking out for you, and even if they are:

You are never anyone’s higher priority than they are to themself. If you’re blown out, you have now become a hindrance to your crew. So chase those amazing highs (not talking about drugs here), and when the lows come your way: it’s gonna hurt, but you’ll be fine. Just stay healthy, and if you need to, ask for support.


5. Life is for Living
Being on tour is hands down one of my most favorite experiences in life. So have a blast. You don’t have to drink, do drugs, go to Disneyland, hookup, or see the Statue of Liberty, have fun. All you have to do is just do you. Keep a healthy relationship with yourself, and the tour is going to be a dream. We’re privileged to be touring artists. So celebrate. You deserve it.

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