In this Dream Tour segment, the electro pop duo, MARNEY, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. MARNEY – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the electro pop duo, MARNEY, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

Crystal (vocals):
Thomas and I have such different musical backgrounds so this should be interesting!


My dream tour would be Michael Jackson as the main act (if only). Michael is the sole reason of why I started singing and performing. I discovered him when I was 5 years old and his music can come on at any time and you will not be able to keep me from singing and dancing (I know every song. Test me.) I always will strive to be the best performer I can and always write music that has a purpose because of him. I mean…the man could stand in one place for 5 minutes straight and people would be crying and passing out. Incredible.


My Chemical Romance would be my co-headliner. I have loved them since 2005 and I have always thought that Gerard Way is the ultimate frontman. He is eccentric and always committed completely on stage. This band was able to take me out of my shell when I was a preteen and really helped shape who I’ve become. Their music is full of nostalgia and emotion for me and never gets old.


Brit-pop legends, The Verve, would be direct support. If you want to see me ugly-cry…turn on The Verve. Their album, Urban Hymns, changed my life. I have never experienced such raw emotion in an album and have never been so inspired by lyrics. Richard Ashcroft is also the ultimate badass (so is Liam Gallagher but I had to go with The Verve. SORRY!)


Oh yeah…I’d like MARNEY to be somewhere in that lineup.


Thomas (guitar):
Mine actually isn’t too far off from Crystal’s.


I would have two headliners. My first headliner would be Metallica. They changed my life when my dad gave me Master of Puppets for Christmas when I was 11. It immediately made me pick up the guitar and is the band that made me want to become a musician. The shows I’ve been to are some of the most insane experiences I’ve ever had and never cease to amaze me.


My other headliner would be Oasis. Clearly, Crystal and I love brit-pop. It’s the ultimate nostalgia for sure!


Liam Gallagher is one of the greatest frontmen of all time. Seeing him for the first time a couple of years ago really solidified how timeless his voice and Oasis really is. Everyone in the audience was singing along together and had their arms around each other like we had all already met. (Noel and Liam please make up already…I’ll buy you Taco Bell)


For direct support, I would choose The Offspring. Being in Southern California, KROQ really got me into the whole pop-punk movement of the late 90s-early ’00s. The raw punk rock energy mixed with the catchiness of their songs really brings me back to the best parts of my childhood.

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