In this First Concert Ever segment, the pop artist, Mendi Moon, shares what her first concert was. Mendi Moon – FIRST CONCERT EVER

In this First Concert Ever segment, the pop artist, Mendi Moon, shares what her first concert was. You can check out the story and stream her newest single, “Midnight Hours”, after the break.

I can’t remember the year really… anyway, it was a concert with lots of famous artist from Finland, and there might have been the band called Europe (with the hit “Final Countdown”)… But all of that really didn’t matter. It took place in Helsinki Finland, where I’m from, and my friend had asked me to join the occasion with her family. The name of the event is called ’’Elämä lapselle konsertti’’ in Finnish, which in English means “A life for a child concert”.


The idea is to gather a bunch of artists/bands and hosts like famous actors or so, and they will all perform for free. The people pay for the tickets, and the money goes to a foundation that helps children with all kinds of disabilities and illnesses. Between the music performances, the hosts entertain the people, but mostly their role is to speak and acquaint the crowd about the foundation. They tell about its achievements and goals and show clips where the participants visit some of the children that are part of the project. I remember that many of them were filmed live so that the crowd could wave back at the children.


The atmosphere was warm and full of love, but also upsetting and shocking for a little girl. I had so much empathy for the kids in need that it brought me to tears. Then again I really had fun and enjoyed the music. It was at that moment when I realized how important the work of art is. How it can affect so many people by just bringing them together to listen to the performers with such a good cause.


They had made an effort to come there for free, and the people knew that while they were just sitting there and enjoying the event, they had given so much for the children.


The concept has been a success since 1995 or so and still takes place. It was my first actual gig that gave me so much inspiration and hope, it still lightens me up. I’m sure it has become a kind of fuel to what I do. I know I will always remember it and work hard to be able to give that kind of a great example while bringing joy to the listeners and help out. <3

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