In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the melodic metal band, Methedras, shares one of their crazy stories from being on the road. Methedras – CRAZY TOUR STORIES

In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the melodic metal band, Methedras, shares one of their crazy stories from being on the road. You can check out the story, after the break.

One of the craziest stories we experienced during our tours was definitely when we supported Overkill and Sanctuary during their European tour in 2015. We were traveling on a camper, which was very comfortable and so good vehicle, our home for the whole tour. That tour was a two week one, and we played 13 shows with the guys. The crew was composed by 4 band members, the sound guy, and one merch seller, so basically 6 persons on the road in a 7-bed camper, and you can imagine how much fun we had during those days, but not everything went as we expected…


We played the third show in Memmingen (Germany), and we were so much excited about the beginning of the tour, ‘cause it was a really big one for us, a very nice opportunity to play in front of so many new fans, and everything was perfect until that moment. We were moving from Germany to Austria, and while we were driving on the German highway (so close to the Austrian border), a police car that seemed a normal one so suddenly showed us the backlight which was asking us to follow them. Ok, I thought that it could be a routine check (even if the German police wants to stop you it is definitely not a good thing, so I was already worrying about it).


Of course, we followed the police car, because we had nothing to hide, and they lead us out of the highway, directly in the nearest police station. Wow, it should be something bad if they decided to do it… So when we arrived there, they started to ask about the camper documents, and then they disappeared inside. Time was running so slowly, while we were starting to be so nervous about this story because we were losing precious time to reach the venue where we were supposed to play in the evening. Finally, they came back, just to let us know that our rented caravan was in a European blacklist, so they needed to immediately stop it there. Well, you can imagine how we felt at that moment… And there was no solution at all because the police were so strictly following the rules. We were speechless because we rented that camper from a renting company, so we didn’t expect anything like that, at all.


So sadly we started to unpack all our stuff from the camper, and we decided to call a cab to reach the Austrian venue because the time was running and we were determined to don’t lose the gig. When we finally arrived, it was so unreal scene, because we were standing in front of the venue with all our instruments and personal stuff, and I’m pretty sure that we looked like homeless persons!


In the end, we lost no gig at all, even if it has been very difficult to arrange all the trips around Europe. We traveled from Woergl to Vienna with a rented cab, and then an Italian driver came to pick up us from Vienna to reach Beograd, and then finally when we arrived in Ljubljana our merch guy (that is also one of my best friends) arrived with a new camper that the rental company provided us to fix the damage they brought to the band. It was one of the worst and crazy experiences that we had while touring, but we survived through it!!

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