In this Dream Tour segment, the indie rock duo, MGSP, reveals who they would want on their dream tour lineup. MGSP – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the indie rock duo, MGSP, reveals who they would want on their dream tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

We started jamming together when we were 11 years old and immediately started our first metal band together. After a year or so we went their separate ways. Matt dove into the electronic world and started DJing in the NJ/NY scene. Gregg started furthering his musical career with a female fronted hard-rock band in the NJ/NY scene.


Sharing the stage with acts ZEDD, Afrojack, and Alesso enabled Matt to be a full force in the electronic world. After high school, Matt moved to LA for 4 years to pursue his own music and production schooling at Icon Collective. Gregg continued pursuing his band and a degree in music & technology at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken NJ. While in this band, Gregg played across the country sharing the stage with acts like Slash, Halestorm, and playing notable stages such as The Whisky A GoGo, Hammerstein Ballroom, Webster Hall.


Gregg reconnected with Matt while touring through LA in 2014 and talked about how they needed to start working together again. 2 years later Matt moved back to NJ and Gregg had no idea. Gregg was on a deadline and desperately needed someone to remix one of his songs. Miraculously, we ran into each other at opposing intersections in town. Gregg heard a car beep at him from across the intersection and some kid screaming out the window. Turns out it was Matt screaming that he was back from LA and that we needed to get together. It’s interesting how things happen when you least expect them and most need them. The remix was complete and MGSP was born. 2 years later, we are ready to launch.


With all of this being said, our dream tour lineup might include being an opening slot for Nine Inch Nails, The 1975, and/or Post Malone. Why Post Malone? Because there’s an unsung connection between us and him. I don’t know, maybe it’s because we’re all a bunch of rock kids that also, love pop.

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