In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the alternative artist, Mikey Mike, gives the details of one of his crazy stories from touring. Mikey Mike – CRAZY TOUR STORIES

In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the alternative artist, Mikey Mike, gives the details of one of his crazy stories from touring. You can check out the story and stream his newest single, “Cooler”, after the break.

Back when we were out with Yelawolf there was a leg of the tour that was a bike run. About 50 Slumericans on Harleys would ride together from show to show. This one crazy guy Pop happened to have a sidecar on his bike for his sister to ride in. Well, one night it was about 3am after a show in Atlanta and I was pretty drunk and overheard that Pop’s sister was going to be riding on the bus for tomorrow because it was supposed to “rain a bit.” Apparently, in my drunkenness, I was not phased by the idea of riding in what I assumed would be some intermittent light showers. I remember showing up at 5am in the morning and there were only about 7 of the 50 or so bikers that were doing the ride. They were all like “man, your fucking crazy for joining us on this one!” That’s when I had sobered up and it hit me that it might be more than just a “bit of rain.” I hopped in the sidecar and not 15 minutes later it started torrential down-pouring, like full on hurricane. To make things worse I had started coming down with a cold the day before. Within the first few minutes of a 5-hour ride, I was soaked to the bone and had a literal puddle in my pants and sweatshirt. Everybody wanted to get there as quick as possible so the wild boys were doing over 100mph with zero visibility for almost the full 5 hours. I had the same visibility as Pop who was driving and I could not see ten feet in front of us. At one point I remember looking over and Yelawolf was shooting video on his iPhone as he gripped the throttle with one hand. There was another moment where we came upon a tractor-trailer that was going about 50 miles per hour slower than us and Pop had to slam on his brake and swerve into the other lane. The whole cart was shaking frantically, I thought the screws were coming loose and I was going to end being propelled into space. I was about 90% sure this was how I was going to die. I remember looking down going “hey this sweatshirt is a pretty good one to go out in.” It was vintage and had a great pattern. By some miracle of god, after 5 straight hours riding through the eye of a hurricane, we all made it there alive. I had to wait another 3 hours for the rest of the band to arrive with dry clothes. It was truly a mess. The longest “ride” of my life. If you ever catch me in the future and I’m drunk, please don’t ask me to ride on anything with a motor.

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