Missio – TOUR TIPS Missio – TOUR TIPS
In this Tour Tips segment, the alternative band, Missio, give you their tips for being on tour. Missio – TOUR TIPS

In this Tour Tips segment, the alternative band, Missio, give you their tips for being on tour. You can check out the feature, after the break.

1. Know your team.
It’s easy at the beginning of a tour to love every moment, laugh with your best friends etc…. but, let’s be honest… after a while, being around the same people 24/7just gets old. It’s extremely important to know what type of personalities the people on your team have so you can understand each other better. I’m an extreme introvert and need daily time to myself whereas David is an extreme extrovert and prefers to be around people. If he didn’t understand my need to spend time alone each day it would and has led to an eventual blow-up. Know your team and help each other w/ their needs based on their personalities.


2. Essential Oil Diffuser
Not only are essential oils healthy & refreshing to be breathing in, they also help odor. When you’re traveling w/ a group of guys, there can be some pretty interesting fragrances every once in a while. Our recent tour had a mixture of spilled beer soaked into the interior carpet alongside the decaying scent of old fruit. Pull that diffusor out while driving and you will never have to worry about toxic fumes again.


3. Diet
The majority of weeks, we’re playing 4-5 times, driving thousands of miles, and honestly not maintaining as much sleep as we want. It is crucial to watch what you eat when your body is expected to perform at its peak each night. I stick to a strict all water routine when I’m on the road. I allow myself one cup of coffee in the morning, but that’s it. When you’re driving through Wyoming and all there is to eat is McDonald’s it makes healthy living a difficult challenge. Try to stop at grocery stores or Wal-mart’s and stock up on fruit, protein bars, and mixed nuts for those times your limited. I have noticed a tremendous difference in my performance when I am eating healthy.


4. Sleep
There’s this stupid ass saying in the world right now that states “You can sleep when you die.” I call that straight up bullshit. Sleep is mandatory if you want a long and successful career. So many people view life with a short term mentality instead of thinking about the long term play. Honestly, I’d prefer to play shows for amazing fans for the next 20 years than just 5 years because my body gives out on me. Get sleep whenever and wherever you can while on the road. Don’t be dumb. If you think you don’t need sleep, your dumb. If you think partying is better than sleep, you’re temporarily right, and then your just dumb again. Go read a science book.


5. Don’t let time pass you by
Our personal band story is that we’re experiencing success way quicker than we ever thought we would. The downfall about success at a rapid pace is that we’re expected to be a lot of places in a short amount of time. Just last month alone we drove 10k miles and visited 21 cities across the country. Although I wish I could remember most of those cities… I can hardly recall what they looked like. Don’t forget to cherish every day you get to do what you love. Don’t worry about the next 5 cities you have to play…worry about that night’s show, remember the people you met the previous night, remember the awesome restaurant you went to for breakfast. Don’t let time or awesome moments pass you by because of a busy schedule.

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