Misty Mtn – DREAM TOUR Misty Mtn – DREAM TOUR
In this Dream Tour segment, the dark pop duo, Misty Mtn, reveal who they would want on their dream tour lineup. Misty Mtn – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the dark pop duo, Misty Mtn, reveal who they would want on their dream tour lineup. You can check out their picks and stream their newest single, Guess Who’s Back, after the break.

Dream tour begins with Misty Mtn (us), a Subaru Outback, and a shit load of chips and seltzer in the trunk. It then continues with us driving all over the US, preferably the Pacific Northwest/West because those are our people! Not that people on the East Coast aren’t, we live in Brooklyn and we love it and the people here. But there is something about playing for people from your region or where you grew up (Lucas is from LA and Morissa is from Montana) that when you play there, you feel like you’re playing for your family.


So the tour begins with us, the Subaru, and the snacks but it REALLY begins with the killer artists. First and foremost it would be our dream, I repeat, OUR DREAM to tour around opening for Sylvan Esso. They are truly the epitome of an incredible duo, they’re always changing the game, they seem to get cooler every year, and they are both so unique. I think it’s also their audience that is so enticing to us in regards to being on a tour with them. They just appeal to such a wide range of people, which is really what we’ve tried to achieve as Misty Mtn. And if we’re being cliche, they just seem like they’d be really fun to be on tour with.


Okay, but let’s say, Sylvan Esso already has a cool opener for their tour? Well, then we turn to… Maggie Rogers. Maggie Rogers is a powerhouse, and also so genuine seeming. This is a woman who just wants to make good music, and she does. We think it’d be a really good fit because we’re both inspired by our surroundings, and our folk music roots, but we try to mold that into something that into that could be found in the “pop world” It’s about finding that balance and she does it so beautifully, it’d be fun to see how our styles could play off each other.


So there you have it, folks! We are putting it out into the universe, our dream tour would be opening for Maggie Rogers or Sylvan Esso while driving from venue to venue in our Subaru Outback with a trunk full of chips and seltzer.

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