Morgan Heritage – CRAZY TOUR STORIES Morgan Heritage – CRAZY TOUR STORIES
In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the reggae band, Morgan Heritage, talk about some of their crazy moments from touring. Morgan Heritage – CRAZY TOUR STORIES

In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the reggae band, Morgan Heritage, talk about some of their crazy moments from touring. You can check out the feature, after the break.

Never Leave A Man Behind
By Morgan Heritage


If there is one thing that we would not like to happen when on tour, it would be never leaving someone behind on the battlefield. On tour, it is a tour managers nightmare and unfortunately, this nightmare has happened to Morgan Heritage not once, not twice but three times. Being left behind without any means of communication is the worst possible scenario and in 2 of the 3 stories that is exactly what happened.


The first story took place at the USA/Canadian border. We were going through the normal procedure and Mojo decided to use the bathroom and left his mobile on the bus. That was the first lesson learned. Always tell someone when you leave the bus or crew. The 2nd lesson was to always take your mobile with you. If Mojo had a phone he would have been ok but in his case, he didn’t remember any phone numbers and it took a half hour before anyone realized he wasn’t on the bus. Needless to say, Mojo was in good hands with the border patrol and immigration officers and he eventually returned to finish the tour.


Flash forward 15 years later to the 2nd story about our keyboard player on stage by the name of DreZion, who also decided to not only forget to tell someone he left the bus at a truck stop, but also forget his phone on the bus. So we left the truck stop and ended up driving 100 km away before realizing Dre wasn’t on the bus. Now with technology being so advanced these days, DreZion was able to use Facebook messaging and calling to reach us. Unfortunately, we couldn’t turn back and he had to catch a taxi while we waited. DreZion was lucky to find a gas station attendant that allowed him to use his mobile to get his ride back to finish the tour.


Now we’re on the Avrakedabra World Tour with our brother J Boog in the UK and he decided to have an extended smoke break while crossing the English Channel via the ferry from Dover to Calais, France. He sadly also forgot to inform someone of his departure from the bus but he, fortunately, remembered his phone. J Boog was able to reach our nephew Jemere on the bus and Boog only had to wait a few minutes for us to turn around and get him back on the bus to finish the tour.


So we continue the Avrakedabra World Tour hopefully with these very important lessons learned and we will do our very best to never leave a man behind again. Selah – Morgan Heritage

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