Mouth Of The South – TOUR TIPS Mouth Of The South – TOUR TIPS
This set of Tour Tips was written the Texas based metal band, Mouth Of The South. You can check out their tips for being... Mouth Of The South – TOUR TIPS

This set of Tour Tips was written the Texas based metal band, Mouth Of The South. You can check out their tips for being on tour, after the break.

1. Be on time for load in. At a normal job you are expected to be on time so showing up when load in is if not a bit earlier always helps. Promoters definitely appreciate the professionalism and it makes it easier for you to come back to that town. Promoters love working with bands that don’t add stress to their day. If inevitable circumstances happen causing you to be late make sure to stay in close contact with the promoter letting them know your time frame.

2. Be sure and do your best to make a personal connection with as many people as possible at each show you play on the road. Talking with the crowd helps you stand out as not just another band that played but as friends that they want to come back and hand out with anytime you are in town. The fans are the most important part so taking the time to really get to know them is incredibly crucial.

3. Always be aware of where you and and where your gear is. There’s been too many bands nowadays who have had their trailers and vans broken into and all of their belongings stolen. Be sure and lock all doors and get good locks on your trailer and hitch. Do everything you can to protect your gear. Hide your belongings in the van to where nothing valuable is visible. When your not needing it, back your trailer into spots to where it cannot be accessed. If you can, it’s always smart to get insurance for your gear just in case something happens.

4. Take care of your health. Being sick can be the difference between a great tour and a terrible tour. If you need to change your diet or take vitamins then take the necessary steps. We can’t stress enough how awful it is being sick on the road. You spend most of your time sitting in a van and eating mostly unhealthy food so whatever it takes, keep your health up. We try to stay consistent with taking multivitamins and stuff like “E-Mergency” to keep our immune systems strong.

5. Keep an open mind with band members. On tour you spend the majority of your time with the same small group of people in tight quarters so it can be incredibly easy to become frustrated with one another. Try to keep a level head and open mind in all circumstances and when you can put hostile situations to rest as quickly as possible. If there is a problem deal with it as rationally and promptly as possible, no need to let bad vibes go on longer than they need to.

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