Myke Terry – TOUR TIPS Myke Terry – TOUR TIPS
This new set of Tour Tips was written by the pop R&B artist, Myke Terry. You can check out his tips for being on... Myke Terry – TOUR TIPS

This new set of Tour Tips was written by the pop R&B artist, Myke Terry. You can check out his tips for being on the road, after the break.

1. Always keep up with your laminate!: The laminate is probably the most important thing you can have on tour. it serves as a calendar to let you know what city you are in and what day it is. After a couple of weeks into the run, you WILL forget both. Also, you can use it to signal. On my bus, when the driver stops at a gas station or something, you leave your lammy on his seat to let him know there’s someone off the bus. nothing worse than being stuck in Kalamazoo at 4 am in your underwear and no cell phone as the driver is pulling off because he thinks everyone is on the bus asleep.

2. Always keep a sharpie on you: Cmon. You’re on the road. people are going to spot you, come to your merch table, run into you while you’re walking around. 9/10 times they aren’t going to have anything on them for you to sign their CD, poster, bra strap, forehead. Whatever.. or if they do, it’s all dried up and ashy. So to prevent from having to do the weird awkward “I can’t do anything for you” convo, come to work. Bring a sharpie.”

3. Anytime you can take a shower…. take advantage!: In the instance, you don’t have a shower on your bus, and there is a shower in the venue, don’t wait. Get it poppin! I can almost guarantee the one time you’re “too tired,” or you’ll just grab one at the venue tomorrow the shower will either be nonexistent or broken. Guaranteed. take it from me, it happens EVERY time! Nobody wants to share a bunk alley with the fool with the musty nuts! Do yourself and ya squad a favor. WASH YA ASS!

4. Earbuds. Headphones. Earplugs = very necessary: Not all the time do the homies wanna hear Britney Spears’ Toxic blasting repeatedly from the back lounge. Not saying I do this, but I have been known to dabble. To keep living in such a small space with so many people more of an enjoyable experience, be considerate. Listen to your tunes to yourself. Plus having these guys will eliminate you having to hear some shit you don’t wanna hear from time to time. You can pretend to be asleep when people are asking you questions! The list goes on and on!

5. Have as much fun as you possibly can: If you have been blessed with the opportunity to tour full time, live it up and have fun. It’s very easy to get caught up in the mundane parts of touring which usually cause you to hyper focus on shit that most of the time doesn’t matter in the long run. Someone’s paying you wild amounts of money to travel all around the world to places you probably would have never gotten see otherwise just because you know how to help everyone enjoy themselves. It doesn’t get much better than that.. take advantage. see the sights, meet the people, immerse yourself in the world while you can. You never know, at any moment you could wake up and have to go back to working in that shithole restaurant you swore you’d act right if you ever got out of.

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