In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the alternative artist, Natalie Claro, talks about some of her crazy moments from touring. Natalie Claro – CRAZY TOUR STORIES

In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the alternative artist, Natalie Claro, talks about some of her crazy moments from touring. You can check out the feature, after the break.

Natalie Claro, The Invasion Tour
Tour for me overall is one lengthy blur, but mostly due to the fact that so much happens in such a short period of time, it’s hard to keep track of it all… so here are my top two highlights.


I was fortunate enough to not only headline my own tour, but to also accompany Public the band on the Sweet Lemonade tour.


In Boston, I did as a normally do during my shows: Run around, at some point throw myself on the floor, and jump off the stage just for the overall experience. Well, this show wasn’t exactly working out in my favor, during “My Calling, The Door” I decided to run across the floor monitors and jump into the crowd. Once I was over my bit down there, obviously there was only one way to get back up onto the stage while still looking somewhat badass, and that was to do what I would call a Super Mario leap back on. Well, at least it seemed like an impressive concept at the time, but I tend to overestimate my level of gracefulness. “They hear a tone, they hear a-“ *WHACK*. Right in my prime, I was smacked in the head by one of the hanging house speakers sending my upper body backward like I got punched by Rocky Balboa. Thankfully so much adrenaline was running through me that it didn’t hurt until after the show. Honestly, I ran into it so hard that I’m surprised it didn’t knock me onto my back.


Another time was around 2 am after the concert in Atlanta. We were all starving, but the only available fast food chain we could agree on was Burger King. We decided to pull up a location on apple maps and drive for what was supposed to be five minutes. Twenty minutes pass, a half hour, another hour… “Wait are we going in circles??” “But Siri said to make a left!!” “I’M SO HUNGRY JUST FIND ONE”. We all got to the point of being so pushed over the edge that we literally rolled down all the windows and started screaming. Why? Logic evaporates during desperation to be fed. It turns out the Burger King that Siri was attempting to lead us to was in a bus station. CLOSED. They weren’t even open. She failed me that night. We ate at Wendy’s.


It’s funny, all the stories from before are such hilarious memories to me, but I would have never predicted that I’d one day gain enough confidence to face the world the way I do. To be able to travel with the people I love and perform my art for people who actually WANT to listen to it. It’s wild.


Now, I’m releasing a music video for my first album ever. WHAT!


It just shows that things really do get better. Never doubt yourself and never give up, I come across so many people who tell me that they don’t believe that they are capable of overcoming their struggles and are on the brink of ending it all. I promise, and take it from me, things can and will get better. Don’t give up.

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