Nathan O’Regan – DREAM TOUR Nathan O’Regan – DREAM TOUR
In this Dream Tour segment, the singer-songwriter, Nathan O'Regan, shares who would be on their dream tour lineup. Nathan O’Regan – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the singer-songwriter, Nathan O’Regan, shares who would be on their dream tour lineup. You can check out his picks and his new single, “Moving Closer”, after the break.

The line up for my dream tour would be Bruce Springsteen, Marc Cohn, Norah Jones and myself, Nathan O’Regan. These are some of my songwriting heroes, minus myself of course. I think an opportunity to share the stage with any of them would be incredible.


Marc Cohn’s album ‘The Rainy Season’ is an album I’ve played to death. I know every word of every song on there. I can even pitch the key of the next track by the song before. I had the pleasure of seeing him play in Vicar Street in Dublin last year, and it was truly amazing. He was joined by Joe Bonadio on Percussion, who put on a masterclass that night in dynamics and feel, and Glenn Patscha on Hammond. Marc’s storytelling was so engaging, it was a treat to hear the stories behind some of the songs that I have loved for years. It would be a total pleasure to share a stage with him.


Norah Jones has one of the most striking voices of our generation, it would be awesome to be on the same line up as her. I saw Norah play at the London Palladium not so long ago after my girlfriend surprised me with some tickets. Her band was incredible and it really was one of the best gigs I was ever at. I’ve always been a massive fan of hers and seeing how effortless she made it look was inspiring. She seems super cool too which is always a bonus if you’re touring!


Bruce Springsteen is a no-brainer. I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want Bruce Springsteen to be on their dream tour. I had my first experience of The Boss a couple years ago when he came to Pairc Uí Chaoimh, in my native Cork City. I went with my Dad, who got me into him in the first place. It was an amazing experience. Hit after hit, after hit for 4 hours. It was a total inspiration, seeing him work the E-Street Band the way he does. The level of intensity, putting his heart and soul into every performance. He sets the bar for me. The man is in his 60’s now and he’s still putting us all to shame! He’s an enigma! To share the stage with Bruce would be a dream come true if nothing else to see the look on my Dad’s face. He’d lose his mind.


If you’re reading this Bruce, I’m available for support slots, and I have a full driving license with no points. I can change strings dead quick, whatever you need! Call me!

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