Necronomicon – DREAM TOUR Necronomicon – DREAM TOUR
In this Dream Tour segment, Rob The Witch, from the black metal band, Necronomicon, lets you know who he would like on his ultimate... Necronomicon – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, Rob The Witch, from the black metal band, Necronomicon, lets you know who he would like on his ultimate tour lineup. You can check out the feature, after the break.

The dream tour I would like to have is (I think) not a standard “Oh would like to tour with that band because it’s so my favorite band,” but more a tour with people I’ve known and been respecting for a long time. In fact, I’m more about touring with friends than actually random bands that are way bigger, and that even if business wise it’s good.

After a while you start to have something going on with some of the people you meet year after year on the road and bonds are created. There’s something, especially in metal I think, that is going really deep sometimes and that connection is really hard to explain as it is unique.

First it would need to be a long one, not 1 month but 2 or 3 months solid and covering all Americas, from Canada and the USA all way down to Chile and Argentina. After that, we could go play in EU for some festivals, with off dates shows in small places between the festivals and hit Japan at the end. That is pretty much how I see my top tour scenario. But with the same band or bands. Not different ones every time you cross a border.

The bands I would see myself doing that would be Krisiun, Suffocation, Deicide, Napalm Death and Cannibal Corpse.

It’s really simple and yes there’s bigger bands we have been playing and touring with, but I’m a long time friend with Terrance and the Suffocation guys, our path crossed on one fest some years ago and besides that I’ve booked them for more than 10 years when I was working as promoter in my hometown.

Krisiun is like brothers, we helped them the first time they came playing in Montreal because they had some gear issues, since we were on the same show we decided to solve the problem so they could play. Since then we always promised each other that one day we would do a full run together.

We toured with Deicide already in 2013 and we had some really nice time with them, both bands agreed on doing that again in a near future.

Napalm Death and Cannibal Corpse are on the list for different reasons, both are bands that marked important chapters in the band history. Napalm Death being the first international band that Necronomicon shared the stage with back in 1993 just before moving out of our native region in the North Quebec and Cannibal Corpse the first major show we played in Montreal. So, of course, we would like bigger tours and events, who doesn’t want that, but like I said, that touch on a deeper side than just business and rocking out. It’s something related to the soul and spiritual connection if I can say it’s a metal brotherhood.

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