New Empire – 2nd ROAD BLOG from the “Say It Like You Mean It Tour” New Empire – 2nd ROAD BLOG from the “Say It Like You Mean It Tour”
The alternative rock band, New Empire, is currently on their Australian headline tour, the “Say It Like You Mean It Tour.” While they’re on... New Empire – 2nd ROAD BLOG from the “Say It Like You Mean It Tour”

The alternative rock band, New Empire, is currently on their Australian headline tour, the “Say It Like You Mean It Tour.” While they’re on this tour, they will be writing an exclusive blog for us. You can check out the band’s second and final entry, after the break.

Thursday 24th October
It’s 2am (actually on Friday) but we just played the Toff In Town in Melbourne, and what a way to start the 2nd leg of the tour. Pretty much a sold out show! We arrived at Melbourne airport around 3pm, and headed straight to the venue. Met up with Ash Gale and the boys, and it had felt like we hadn’t seen them in years (when really it was only 4 days). But already the vibe was set for a good night. Jessica-Jade Bruce opened to an energetic Melbourne audience. Then Bono, sorry, Ash Gale, took the stage after and delivered another flawless set. Standard really. We then played, and it wasn’t until the curtains opened that we could see just how many people were here. That’s one thing we love about Melbourne, the passion and energy that is brought to a show is always pumping from the very start. After the show, and the intense load out (walking gear literally through the packed dance floor haha) the only plausible option was to go to Noodle Kingdom for a post-show feed. Being SO tired myself, I decided to keep my option a safe one and opted on the Mongolian Lamb. Whether it was because I was super tired or the fact I was starving, either way, I was completely satisfied after. Anyway, its definitely time for bed. We play Brisbane tomorrow, and we cant wait!

Friday 25th October
Tour’s over! … Kind of. Tonight was Ash Gale and the boys last show on the tour (we still play one more tomorrow night). Such a sad feeling, but it’s always funny how it takes a few shows to really connect with another band. So we flew into Brissy around 3pm and unknown to us, all our gear had been put on a later flight into Brisbane. Not the ideal situation, that’s for sure. We somehow managed to sound check as much as we could without our gear (mainly to our FoH guy, Nate, who’s an absolute guru, and to Ash Gale&Co. who lent us temp gear in the meantime). By the time doors opened though, it was all good. The Merrys opened the night to a Powerhouse crowd who was ready to have a good night. I honestly sound like a broken record when I talk about Ash Gale, but seriously, these guys are legit! Nicest bunch of dudes and deserve nothing but great success. They delivered yet again a stupidly good performance, and really gave Brisbane a treat. I think the Powerhouse has been one of the cooler looking venues I’ve personally played. I’m a sucker for rustic/old architecture. So this was special for me. Being the only All Ages show on the tour, the demographic was a bit younger but it didn’t take away from the fact they knew how to party! After the show was all done and dusted, and all the gear had been loaded out, we did some serious car park loitering with Ash Gale and the boys. Laughs were had, jokes were made, friendships formed (that all sounded really cheesy, but hey, it’s true haha). Then off to The Valley for some New York Slice pizza and some more laughs before calling it a night (again around 2:30am). I have a feeling we’ll definitely tour with these guys again in the future.

Saturday 26th October
So we just played Joe’s Waterhole in Eumundi on the Sunshine Coast, and if I’m being honest, it was a bit of a dark horse this stop. We didn’t really know much about the venue or even Eumundi, but after the show, I’d have to say it was one of my favourite shows on the tour. Erin Quinn opened the night with an acoustic playing some of her originals. She has an EP coming out tomorrow (the 27th) so check it out. The Merrys then played (armed with a full band this time) and set the mood for a great night. A mixture of Angus & Julia Stone meets Fleetwood Mac, these guys were awesome. Definitely keep an ear to the ground around November for their EP release. We started the set, and at first, there was a little bit of uncertainty as to whether the dance floor was a no-go zone (I say that sarcastically of course) but by the middle of the set, the dance floor couldn’t even be seen anymore due to the amount of people on it. One giant party. Just the way we like it! So thank you Sunny Coast for your hospitality! You were awesome! Anyway, now tour is really over. Heading home tomorrow, and can’t wait. Get to see my dog again, eat a home cooked meal, sleep in my own bed…

It’s the little things.

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