New Politics’ “Harlem U.S.A. Tour” – REVIEW + GALLERY New Politics’ “Harlem U.S.A. Tour” – REVIEW + GALLERY
The indie pop band, New Politics, is currently on their “Harlem U.S.A. Tour,” which has been selling out venues across the country with Sleeper... New Politics’ “Harlem U.S.A. Tour” – REVIEW + GALLERY

The indie pop band, New Politics, is currently on their “Harlem U.S.A. Tour,” which has been selling out venues across the country with Sleeper Agent and Magic Man. We were lucky enough to go out to the Chicago date of the tour, which was sold out! You can check out the review and concert photos, after the break.

As I hastily made my way to Bottom Lounge this past Thursday night, all I could think about was how cold it was. With having spent the last half hour trying to find parking, then getting stuck in the snow from trying to find parking and finally finding parking a few blocks away all I wanted was to go home and be warm. But tonight New Politics were in town with Magic Man and Sleeper Agent. As soon as the show started though, my whole night instantly became better.

Opening the show was Sleeper Agent. If you haven’t yet heard of them, you need to start. They made sure to play their newly released song “Waves,” along with other new tracks off their upcoming album, About Last Night, out March 25th. Either pre-order the album or make sure to get a copy of it once it is out because this is an album that needs to be part of your collection. In the meantime you can listen to their first album, Celebrasiun, while you wait! In addition to giving a very energetic performance the members were out after their set taking pictures and talking with fans.

Following them was Magic Man. This was my first time seeing them live and hopefully it won’t be my last. They also gave a lively performance and are fun to see live. Check out their EP, You Are Here for more songs to enjoy and be sure to listen to “Waves” and “Paris” from them. I can definitely see them headlining a tour in the future and you better believe I will be there to see them. They too came out by the merch tables after their set and met with everyone.

Alright time for New Politics to take the stage. As soon as they stepped out it was a nonstop party. Making sure to play songs that kept the people moving such as “Dignity,” “Harlem,” “Goodbye Copenhagen,” “Tonight You’re Perfect,” “Yeah Yeah Yeah” and then slowing it down with ones such as “Fall Into These Arms,” and “Stuck On You.” These three guys have such great enthusiasm as they play it’s ridiculous. With even drummer, Louis, practically leaping out of his chair during songs and sporting a huge smile on his face the entire time, just watching him play is a sight to see. This night was also lead singer, David’s birthday and of course a cake was brought out for him complete with candles to be blown out and I’m glad Chicago give them a sold out show to party with. This is their first headlining tour and if it keeps going like this, then you had better grab a ticket because this is seriously one show you do not want to miss out on. These three bands are all worth seeing and this is a great lineup!

Information about the review and gallery…
Tour –
New Politics’ “Harlem U.S.A. Tour”
Bands – News Politics, Magic Man, Sleeper Agent
Reviewer/Photographer – Ali Jimenez
Date – February 6, 2013
Venue – Bottom Lounge in Chicago, IL

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