Nicole Rayy – DREAM TOUR Nicole Rayy – DREAM TOUR
In this Dream Tour segment, the country singer, Nicole Rayy, reveals who she would want on her ultimate tour lineup. Nicole Rayy – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the country singer, Nicole Rayy, reveals who she would want on her ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

I think my dream tour would be a lineup of artists you wouldn’t normally see on tour together. I’ve always loved and drawn inspiration from all different genres, from country to pop to rock and even rap! My dream tour would include artists I admire from every genre I love.


First up Maren Marris. She is my songwriting HERO, all of her songs are so honest and authentic and I find her lyrics so relatable. Since I enjoy listening to multiple genres of music and always want to include a mix within my music, I really admire her style; she has the perfect blend of country/pop and even a little R&B. She is also an incredible vocalist, her voice is so velvety smooth and I feel like I could listen to her for hours and hours, which I do. Lately, I’ve been listening to her new album GIRL on repeat because it’s so damn good. I’ve never been to her concert, but I have a feeling she puts on a killer live show and I would love to watch her perform night after night.


Next up Kelly Clarkson. She is truly my childhood IDOL. She is one of my favorite vocalists of all time. Her voice is so rich and soulful and she has an incredible range. I think some people would be surprised to know that I used to have a shy quiet singing voice, since today that is not the case at all. Belting out to “Since You’ve Been Gone” in a vocal lesson when I was young really helped me to find my real voice, so I owe a lot to Kelly and her music. I’ve been to see Kelly in concert and she is just as incredible live as she is in her recordings so it would be amazing to have her on tour. Not to mention it would be my dream come true to share the stage with her!


Next on my dream tour would be Linkin Park. This really would be a dream to bring Chester Bennington back from the dead. I had tickets to see their last tour before Chester took his life and I was devastated to learn of his passing. Linkin Park has always been one of my favorite bands of all time. I’ve always admired their blending of musical styles within their music and Chester is an incredible vocalist! But my favorite part of listening to their music is their lyrics. I find their lyrics so extremely honest. It’s easy to tell that their lyrics really come from a genuine place. Their lyrics have always explored themes of darkness and battling inner demons, which is something we all struggle with sometimes; it’s what makes them so relatable. I heard recently that a woman actually used Linkin Park lyrics to prevent a man from committing suicide. I truly wish I could share the stage with Chester and Linkin Park.


Last, but certainly not least, would be Eminem. He is seriously a lyrical genius! His lyrics have always been so raw and so honest. You can’t help but be moved by what he has to say. Plus the speed in which he delivers his words blows my mind. I don’t listen to a ton of rap, but Eminem would be top of the list for me. Plus, my fans may be surprised to know that I like to rap too! I’ll admit I have no freestyle skills of my own, but I can bust out an Eminem song and rap along with him. It would be SO cool to have him on tour and watch him do his thing live.


Well there you have it; that would be my multi-genre dream tour! Hopefully, there are some fans out there like me who love all different genres and would be just as ecstatic as me to come out and see this lineup of amazing talent.


Xoxo Nicole Rayy

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