Our Favorite Songs At The Moment (Updated Weekly) Our Favorite Songs At The Moment (Updated Weekly)
We get sent TONS of music to listen to, but don't have time to cover everything. We wanted to have a way to share... Our Favorite Songs At The Moment (Updated Weekly)

We get sent TONS of music to listen to, but don’t have time to cover everything. We wanted to have a way to share our favorite songs with you on a consistent basis, so here’s our answer. This list will be updated on a weekly basis to include new songs that we’re really enjoying! You can check out all of our favorite tracks right now, after the break.

Jule Vera – GUM (added March 16, 2019)
If you’ve been paying attention to DTB for a while, you’ll know that we’ve been a fan of the Alabama-based alternative pop band, Jule Vera, for many years now. After filming an episode of Bus Invaders with them during the 2016 edition of the Vans Warped Tour and checking out their music, we were hooked. The band is back with a new track called GUM and it’s of the same quality of their previous releases. Ansley’s vocals have an amazingly smooth sound that blends so well with the instrumentals. After listening, you’re going to find yourself wanting more and more.

Jeremy Zucker feat. Bea Miller – comethru (added March 16, 2019)
This 21-year-old New Jersey native is someone you’ll want to keep an eye on. He just signed with Republic Records and is gearing up for a big record debut. If this track is any indication of what the full record is going to deliver on, I’m pretty excited. Jeremy’s vocals are super smooth and don’t try to overdo it. Also, Bea Miller is a great addition to the track and provides a great female counterpart. Both vocals go really well together and the track’s production is clean throughout.

Noah Kahan – Mess (added March 16, 2019)
If you’re a sucker for heartfelt lyrics, acoustic folk, and great vocals, look no further than Noah Kahan’s newest track single, Mess. Kahan is a 22-year-old Vermont native and is currently signed with Republic Records. I’m a big fan of artists like Dean Lewis, Kodaline and The Script. If any of those acts are ones you enjoy, you definitely need to give Noah a listen!

Picture This – Modern Love (added March 9, 2019)
If you keep up with the songs and bands DTB is into on a consistent basis, the name Picture This definitely won’t be new to you. We’ve talked about them before and how much we love their music. This Athy, Ireland-based indie pop band is so darn catchy. It seems like every track they release just keeps getting better and better. If you’re a fan of fellow Irish bands The Script and Kodaline, but with more of a indie pop twist, you’ll absolutely love Picture This.

Tom Walker – Just You and I (added February 23, 2019)
I first became aware of Tom Walker when he toured North America with The Script. He had such a soulful voice with a lot of depth. On this new track “Just You and I”, he shows off the depth of his vocal ability, while combining elements of pop, rock, indie, and soul. If you’re a fan of music with heart and soul, you’re going to live not only this track from Tom Walker, but many of his other songs as well.

Sea Girls – Open Up Your Head (added February 23, 2019)
If you’re not familiar with this UK-based indie pop band, you certainly will soon! With song as catchy as “Open Up Your Head” is, it is basically guaranteed that they will continue to make waves in 2019. You’re going to have a lot of chances to get to know Sea Girls very soon, with their upcoming UK tour and festival appearances.

Wulf Black – Stop Me (added February 9, 2019)
If I can describe one track as “epic”, it would be this song from the Melbourne-based one-man act, Wulf Black. The track has a song that is in a similar vein to early-Imagine Dragons, as well as X Ambassadors and Hozier. If you’re a fan of current alternative rock radio, you’re going to love this song!

SØRBYE | JENNEBO – HOME (added February 9, 2019)
When I first listened to this track, the first thing that caught my attention were the powerful vocals. The indie folk instrumentals also compliment the vocals and lyrics perfectly. The duo, SØRBYE | JENNEBO, is the coming together of Benjamin Jennebo, the founder of Smash into Pieces, and Daniel Sörbye. If you’re a fan of The Lumineers and Of Monsters & Men, I can guarantee that you’ll enjoy this song!

XamVolo – Alive (added January 26, 2019)
Wow, this track took me by surprise. So much soul packed into a 3 minute and 20 second song. XamVolo is an alternative R&B/soul artist from London who just released his debut album, called All The Sweetness on the Surface. His vocals have so much energy on this track, it’s near impossible to not be bobbing you head along to this unique track that has some great alternative rock style instrumentals, which pair well with his soulful vocals.

Wild Rivers – Moving Target (added January 26, 2019)
The Toronto-based indie folk band, Wild Rivers, is the complete package. Their instrumentals are so soulful and well put together, while their vocals are extremely smooth. Oh, I almost forgot to mention their harmonies, which are just so so so good! If you’re a fan of music that gives you the chills and makes you a bit emotional, Moving Target is a song that you’re going to fall in love with, I guarantee it.

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