Our Favorite Songs At The Moment (Updated Weekly) Our Favorite Songs At The Moment (Updated Weekly)
We get sent TONS of music to listen to, but don't have time to cover everything. We wanted to have a way to share... Our Favorite Songs At The Moment (Updated Weekly)

We get sent TONS of music to listen to, but don’t have time to cover everything. We wanted to have a way to share our favorite songs with you on a consistent basis, so here’s our answer. This list will be updated on a weekly basis to include new songs that we’re really enjoying! You can check out all of our favorite tracks right now, after the break.

Savannah Pope – Creature (added October 6, 2018)
You may not of heard Savannah Pope’s name previously, but you probably will see it again soon. It’s not ever day that I get to pleasure of hearing soaring female rock vocals like hers. I can’t wait to hear more of her tunes in the future and see how she progresses. Follow her on Apple Music, so you’re the first to hear about new music.

Convey – Terror (added October 6, 2018)
This band has such a unique sound, it’s very refreshing. This track has an awesome dark vibe to it, but keeps a lot of the elements that would make this ready for alternative rock radio airplay. The future for Convey looks bright! Keep up with their music on Apple Music!

Bruno Carvalho (Feat. Richard Farrell) – Julie (added October 6, 2018)
Right out of the gate, I was instantly sold on the guitar tone on this track. I already knew that this song was going to have a great blue rocks sound. Richard’s vocals on this track were so clean, but didn’t lack the all important emotional element. This song will leave you wanting more and more from both Bruno and Richard. Hear more from Bruno on Apple Music!

Young Rising Sons – Scatterbrain (added September 29, 2018)
The guys from YRS are back again with another track that you won’t be able to resist. You may know them for their 2015 breakout kit, High. Their songwriting and overall sound have come a long way. I think their newest single is their best yet. Super catchy and, in my opinion, the best vocals yet from lead singer, Andy Tongren. Want to hear more from the band? Check out their tunes on Apple Music.

Phoebe Ryan feat. Tove Lo – Heart Attack (added September 29, 2018)
Are you a fan of electro-pop? Yes? Well, look no further than this new song from Phoebe Ryan featuring Tove Lo. Well produced mix of electronic and pop instrumentals and clean/crisp vocals throughout. If Phoebe’s name sounds familiar, that’s because you may remember her from being featured on a The Chainsmoker’s track called All We Know, as well as her own breakout single, Almost Back. Like what you hear and want to hear more? Check out the rest of her music on Apple Music!

Phantoms feat. Vanessa Hudgens – Lay With Me (added September 29, 2018)
I’ve got to admit, seeing Vanessa’s name as the featured vocalist on this track lowered my expectations from the get go, but I have to admit that I was pleasant surprised. Of course, there is a bunch of vocal effects making the vocals sound super dynamic, consistent, and overall awesome! Phantoms made this electronic pop track have a great crossover sound with mainstream appeal. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if this breaks onto some radio charts in the future. If you like what you hear and want to listen to more, check out Phantoms on Apple Music.

The Chainsmokers feat. Kelsea Ballerini – This Feeling (added September 22, 2018)
If you don’t know them by now, you’ve probably been living under a rock. Previously, they’ve had two top ten singles, “Paris” and “Something Just like This”, as well as their number one single “Closer”. This time, they’re back with their new single called “This Feeling” featuring the fantastic vocals of Kelsea Ballerini. The song is exactly what you expect out of a pop track and is very reminiscent of their previous number one single “Closer” featuring Halsey. If you give the track a listen, be prepared to have the song stuck in your head for days to come. Want to hear more? Check them on on Apple Music!

We Are The Catalyst – Predators (added September 22, 2018)
I think we found you new heavy metal band. The very radio friendly female fronted Swedish band gives you something to remember on this new single. You’ll get some hints of Evanescence on this track, but with instrumentals that have a bit more chug to them. This track is going to leave you wanting more. If you’re left wanting to hear more, check them out on Apple Music.

The Blancos featuring Joyner Lucas – We’re Tired (added September 15, 2018)
This track comes courtesy of a Brooklyn/South Florida-based duo. The song is an amazing gospel inspired alternative rock track that has a sound that draws you in instantly. The track’s production is absolutely perfect, as well. When I first hear this track, there wasn’t a single thing I thought should be changed and that’s rare. If this song doesn’t become a chart-topper, it’ll be a damn shame. Want more music? Check them out on Apple Music.

Faber Drive – Surrender (added September 15, 2018)
Canada gives the world so much dang good pop rock music it’s not even funny. Not sure what they’re putting in the water up there, but if you’re into bands like Marianas Trench, The All-American Rejects, or All Time Low, you’re going to absolutely love this single from Surrender. It’s an emotional track with consistent and soaring vocals throughout that will leave you singing along and wanting more! If you like what you hear, give their other stuff a listen on Apple Music.

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