Our Favorite Songs At The Moment (Updated Weekly) Our Favorite Songs At The Moment (Updated Weekly)
We get sent TONS of music to listen to, but don't have time to cover everything. We wanted to have a way to share... Our Favorite Songs At The Moment (Updated Weekly)

We get sent TONS of music to listen to, but don’t have time to cover everything. We wanted to have a way to share our favorite songs with you on a consistent basis, so here’s our answer. This list will be updated on a weekly basis to include new songs that we’re really enjoying! You can check out all of our favorite tracks right now, after the break.

Marianas Trench – I Knew You When (added December 8, 2018)
If you’re a fan of our content, you’ve inevitably come across one of our many videos with the guys of Marinas Trench. They are not only one of our favorite bands to film with, but also listen to. If you’re a sucker for Canadian pop/rock as much as I am, you’re going to absolutely love this track. Josh Ramsay’s vocals are always spot on and shows off a lot of diversity on this track. Instrumentals are fun, but have a dark vibe reminiscent of their 2011 full-length record, Ever After. If you like what you hear, you need to check out more of their tunes on Apple Music!

Native Culture – Bella (added December 8, 2018)
If your a fan of bands like Kodaline and The Script, Native Culture is definitely the band for you. This single reminds me of the “In a Perfect World” era of Kodaline. They take everything check every box for what makes a great piano driven pop rock song and I can’t get enough of it. Very excited to see what this Orlando, FL-based band does in the future. If you want to hear more, check out their tunes on Apple Music.

Nina Nesbitt – Colder (added December 1, 2018)
Wow, when I first heard this song, I was so unbelievably impressed with Nina’s vocals. So smooth throughout, she has a great deep vocal tone. Oh, before I forget, this track was produced by Fraser T Smith who has worked with the likes of Adele and Drake in the past. If you give the song a listen below, I promise you, you’ll love it and want to hear more! Check out more of her music on Apple Music.

Paulina Czapla – Twoj Talizman (added November 24, 2018)
To preface, I don’t speak Polish, so I have no clue what the lyrics of this song mean, BUT Paulina’s vocals make up for it. Hailing from Malbork, a small Northern town in Poland, she bring a lot of vocal power to the table. Song is extremely catchy and the track’s instrumentals do a great job keeping up with the power of the vocal delivery. Want to hear more? Check out her music on Apple Music!

After Funk – Face In The Crowd (added November 17, 2018)
Hailing for the great city of Toronto, the band brings a mix of funk, rock and soul to the table with their music. Their newest single “Face In The Crowd” is no exception. The band’s vocalist, Yanick Allwood, has vocals that are so smooth and soulful. The instrumentals have just the right amount of funk for my tastes. This song is going to leave you wanting more and with an urge to see them in concert, which you can check out those dates here. You can also check out more of their music on Apple Music.

Maddison – Let You Down (added November 17, 2018)
This UK rock band really caught my attention this week. Their newest single, “Let You Down”, as well as the accompanying music video, had such a cool dark vibe to it. The vocalist shows a tone of range on this track. Couple that with well written and executed instrumentals, the band makes this track inressitable to anyone into alternative pop and rock music. If you want to hear more from the band, check them out on Apple Music.

Madison Beer (feat. Offset) – Hurts Like Hell (added November 11, 2018)
Madison’s are always as smooth as butter and she doesn’t disappoint on this new track featuring Offset, called “Hurts Like Hell”. If you haven’t had a chance to dive into Madison Beer’s music catalog yet, I highly recommend doing so because she is everything that’s good about pop/R&B music right now. Give more of her music a listen on AppleMusic!

Dermot Kennedy – Power Over Me (added November 11, 2018)
Mr. Kennedy brings something that other Irish artists have brought to the table in the past, but he does it so unbelievably well. There is not denying the felling in this track. The song also has a great chorus that will keep you coming back for more! Check out more of his tunes on AppleMusic.

Picture This – One Drink (added October 20, 2018)
If this is the first time you’re hearing of Picture This, don’t worry, it was ours too. We’re glad we heard this track though. The vocalist has a great depth to his vocals and the song as a whole is super catchy! You’re going to find yourself wanting more and if you do, give their previous tracks a listen on Apple Music!

Nick Fabian – Let Me Down (added October 13, 2018)
This song is incorporates everything that makes me love music that appeals on a commercial level. Great lyrics, check. Vocals with depth and emotion, check. Uplifting sound, check. This song really does have it all. If you decide to give it a listen below, you won’t regret it! Make sure to check out more of his tunes on Apple Music.

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