In this Dream Tour segment, Jason Mezilis of the rock band, Owl, shares the acts that they would include on their ultimate tour lineup.... Owl – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, Jason Mezilis of the rock band, Owl, shares the acts that they would include on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

Owl is in a happily unique position in that we are actually pulling together a run of shows now with one of the bands on our list of ideals. Like almost all bands, we’ve kicked around ideas in the past about perfect tour scenarios, and for us there are two main elements that we feel are really strongly about this band that we would specifically love to share the stage with another group – namely a strong element of musicality, and the ‘power trio’ lineup.

That’s, of course, a pretty limiting option when you boil down all the available / attractive options out there. And high on our list for a while now has been Dave Lombardo’s (of Slayer) trio Philm. As circumstance would have it, we were honored to recently get invited to perform as direct support for Philm as part of our LA album-release show party coming up on July 21st at The Whisky. This one-off show is now blossoming into more regional west coast shows, and perhaps even an east coast run to follow. To say Owl is excited about this is quite an understatement, as the co-billing of the two bands together is gonna be crushing.

Another band we have a lot of respect for, that also fits the parameters we set out above is King’s X. These are the sort of acts we feel would be a really great package for the fans, where the strengths of the groups compliment each other. I think a lot of bands when put to this question, come up with perhaps a “wish list” that seems ideal from a romantic sort of perspective, but at the end of the day a dream tour package is not just about what other groups bring to your presentation, but the other way around as well. It’s kind of like seeing two great actors on the screen you really respect, feeding off each other’s energy and challenging each other for the best performance, but in a friendly and positive way. And we’re incredibly lucky to have that on our ticket.

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