This new set of Tour Tips was written by Chris Wyse of the rock band, Owl. You can check out their tips for being... Owl – TOUR TIPS

This new set of Tour Tips was written by Chris Wyse of the rock band, Owl. You can check out their tips for being on the road, after the break.

1. Pack your bag and leave it packed so you don’t lose anything. I always hang my stage clothes off of the handle on my bag so they dry. Pack the same way as you started so you don’t waste valuable time when you’re in great cities. Go to the beach and meet girls.

2. I think smelling good is smart, and it creates your own atmosphere. I like peppermint oil. It helps me open up to sing too. Little things like wet wipes so you can clean on the go. It is part of the reality of constantly running around. And people around you will appreciate that you smell nice. Too much of a cologne or scent can be bad though. Be sensitive to your environment.

3. Having extra power cables is key. When your phone dies and you can’t find your flight info. or get online, you’ll be happy to have a backup.

4. Traveling Internationally with language barriers and unfamiliar places you need to watch yourself. Smile when in doubt, and maybe you’ll get help. But first and foremost, help yourself.

5. Dress like a rock star but comfortably, so you can hack the trip. I have a Varvatos cashmere in my carry-on and it always keeps me warm on a plane. I like to a write with pen and paper and put on my headphones – so I have all my main stuff easy to reach in my bag and available. A suit jacket is light and fits easy with a scarf and hat. You need the layers to stay warm. Even in the summer the AC can make you sick from hot to cold, so take charge and look good. You can wear your sweats at home on the couch.

6. I love having some inspirational reading whether a real book or download on my iPad. Remember, the road is not easy so keep the right messages running in your brain to stay strong and connected with while you travel. I still love the book The Power of Now. Eckhart is great. I also like to read about what other musicians go through. I love Ace Frehley (my boss’ book) No Regrets. That kind of rock stardom may never be again.

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