Parachute’s “Summer Tour 2013” – REVIEW Parachute’s “Summer Tour 2013” – REVIEW
We had the chance to hang out at the Chicago date of Parachute’s “Summer Tour 2013” with Matt Hires and Paradise Fears. You can... Parachute’s “Summer Tour 2013” – REVIEW

We had the chance to hang out at the Chicago date of Parachute’s “Summer Tour 2013” with Matt Hires and Paradise Fears. You can check out our review of the tour, as well as concert photos, after the break.

What better way is there to spend your night than with the gentlemen in Paradise Fears, Matt Hires, and Parachute. That’s what I got to do this past Wednesday and let me tell you if you have missed this tour, you do not want to miss them when they come back.

First off, Paradise Fears is, I feel, a band that never stops touring. It always seems like they have back to back tours. In the past year alone they have been to Chicago at least five times already. Each time though, they get just get better and better. With a new record out, Battle Scars, be sure to catch them on tour playing new songs such as “What are you waiting for?”, as well as older songs such as “Sanctuary”. Hardly pausing in between their set they finished strong and even gave away free cd’s at their merch table. Afterwards they all hung out to talk and meet their fans. If for some reason you have not already seen them live, you are really missing out on a true experience. You can tell they work hard and care a lot about the music they make for their supporters.

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This being my first time seeing Matt Hires and hearing him I can honestly say, he has gained a fan here. Next time he is in town, you can bet I will be there. Playing songs such as “Falling in Life”, “A to B”, “Over You”, “Signal in the Sky”, “Forever”, and “Restless Hearts”, the crowd could be heard singing along. After his set he came by his merch table and was meeting the people and taking pictures and signing stuff. He had a strong stage presence and everyone in the band was really nice and talkative.

As soon as Parachute took the stage, everyone cheered and it seemed like a nonstop dance party until they left. They made sure to play old songs and new ones off their latest record, Overnight, for the crowd to sing along to. Starting the night off with “Meant to Be”, and ending with “Can’t Help”, this is one concert you do not want to miss. At one point during the show, Will pulled a girl named Jessica from the crowd and danced with her on stage. Matt Hires also came on stage when they did a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark”. The whole set was fun and they had a good mix of high energy songs that transitioned well with their more mellow songs. I also loved that the whole band came out after outside the venue to greet fans and do signings and pictures.

These three bands are really something special with their music and message they send their listeners. Even though this tour only has a few stops left on it, I would make sure to go see them if they come back to a venue near you on a different tour!

Information about this review…
Tour: Parachute’s “Summer Tour 2013”
Bands: Parachute, Matt Hires, Paradise Fears
Reviewer/Photographer: Ali Jimenez
Date: September 4, 2013
Venue: Bottom Lounge in Chicago, IL

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