Pentimento – 1st ROAD BLOG from 2013 East Coast Tour with Less Than Jake Pentimento – 1st ROAD BLOG from 2013 East Coast Tour with Less Than Jake
The New York based punk rock band, Pentimento, is currently on an East Coast tour supporting Less Than Jake and Hostage Calm. While they’re... Pentimento – 1st ROAD BLOG from 2013 East Coast Tour with Less Than Jake

The New York based punk rock band, Pentimento, is currently on an East Coast tour supporting Less Than Jake and Hostage Calm. While they’re on this tour, they will be blogging for us. You can check out their first update, with pictures, after the break.

Day 1: Long Island
Waking up an hour after my alarm has never been so terrifying. I’d been looking forward to this for months, and here I am scrambling to gather my tour essentials before hitting the road to meet up with the other dudes. Luckily, we left Buffalo with enough time to stop at Waffle House on our way to the first date of the Less Than Jake & Hostage Calm tour.

This show was special for about a million reasons, but apart from being on our first “big boy” tour – the reaction and support from the Long Island crowd was enough to put us all beside ourselves. We’d never played a venue or stage that big before – so to do that and still feel this connection with everyone singing along and piling on to each other was something I’ll never forget. Our friends in No Good News shared the stage with us as well, and to see them play this venue in their hometown was an awesome experience because it was also the first time they’d ever played a venue that big. So to see what a huge deal it was to them to be there was really special.

Day 2: NYC
What is there to say about being a part of a tour like this that includes a show on a boat? We were incredibly stoked to have a chance to do this. The vibe was awesome, and as we made it about half way through our first song, the sold out ship left the dock. It was a wild experience to be playing punk rock songs while the sunsets on the NYC skyline. Having the chance to cruise in the river around the city was something I never thought I’d get to do. So to have done that, let alone for the sake of punk rock…man. It was fucking cool to say the very least.

Day 3: Philadelphia, PA
After a day off to explore NYC and watch all the Dark Knight movies in our merch guy’s basement, we got to play a basement show in one our absolute favorite cities to play. So many friends – old and new – made us feel so welcome to be there. It felt great to get back in a dingy, sweaty basement and play our hearts out. Unfortunately, Less Than Jake was busy playing to an ocean of human beings in Canada, so it was an intimate evening with Hostage Calm, and Secret Plot which ruled. Shout out to our friends from Heartwell and Modern Baseball for being rad and hanging out.

Day 4: New Haven, CT
Toad’s Place is a legendary venue, so to have the chance to play here was really awesome. The show was a blast and having our friends in Wolves At Bay start the night was really cool. We got to see our friends in Cables & Confessions as well which ruled because they’re the biggest sweethearts of all time. It was really exciting to play to such a big crowd of people who were unfamiliar with our music and try to win them over. All in all, I got Noodle House and saw some great friends so I’ll chalk it up to one of my favorite nights so far.

Day 5: Nags Head, NC
After a long drive and a couple days off, we got back into the swing of things at Kelly’s Restaurant. Located right near the beach on the Outer Banks, this was a cool location for a show with a different vibe than we’re used to. Chris from Less Than Jake wore our t-shirt on stage while they played which honestly made us shit our pants a little bit. After 10 years of wearing his band’s shirts…i don’t think any of us thought we would see the day where he would wear one of ours. That blew me away as i watched them party with a room full of people without a barricade and a 3 foot stage. That was really something. We spent a lot of time on the beach, day and night, battling the waves and searching for ghost crabs with flashlights. It was really great to hang out as friends and kind of take the whole trip in up to this point.

Until next time! Listen to I Can See Mountains, Banquets, Light Years & No Good News.

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