Pentimento – 2nd ROAD BLOG from 2013 East Coast Tour with Less Than Jake Pentimento – 2nd ROAD BLOG from 2013 East Coast Tour with Less Than Jake
The New York based punk rock band, Pentimento, just finished up an East Coast tour supporting Less Than Jake and Hostage Calm. While they’re... Pentimento – 2nd ROAD BLOG from 2013 East Coast Tour with Less Than Jake

The New York based punk rock band, Pentimento, just finished up an East Coast tour supporting Less Than Jake and Hostage Calm. While they’re were on this tour, they wrote a blog for us. You can check out their second and final update, with pictures, after the break.

Day 6: Raleigh, NC

Walking around downtown Raleigh before the show was a lot of fun. Whenever we end up in a new place, I’m always really excited to see what the vibe is like. The city was beautiful, and we went to the nicest Subway of all time. I got a free cookie. When something like that happens, you know it’s going to be a great day. The show was a lot of fun, and this was the first time that I personally got to sit around with the guys in Hostage Calm and have a more “heart to heart” style conversation that was a little more about feelings and a little less about Trick Metal. Those dudes gave me some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten regarding being in a band, perseverance and really owning what you do as a band. I’ve always respected their band, but after this opportunity to have a conversation like this, it took everything to a whole new level. That’s a band full of dudes with a great head on their shoulders, and also a band who deserves everything that comes their way.

Day 7: Atlanta, GA

We’d had a chance to play The Masquerade on the March Radness tour, so coming back was really exciting. The staff here is always the nicest group of people ever, which makes playing here such a pleasure. At the same time as our show, there was a big metal show going on upstairs. I had the chance to watch a band’s soundcheck before our show started which proved to be a bad idea because whatever band was on stage had like a 6 year old drummer with a kit bigger than him who also played better than me and every single drummer i know combined. After doing my best to not kill myself and give up music forever, we got to play for a full room in Atlanta. The after-show hangs were great too. This was our first time hanging out with Less Than Jake in any kind of capacity, let alone on their tour bus. We all fan-girled a little bit. I’d like to take this opportunity to also tell you that everything you may have stereotyped or imagined what being on a tour bus would be like, or what happens while you’re on a tour bus…is completely true.

Day 8: Taint Augustine, FL

This show was particularly cool for a lot of reasons. The Standard is a venue that we’re told doesn’t get shows often – so there were a lot of people there who were just excited to hang at this place and see what was going on. I feel like that doesn’t happen too much. We were also pretty close to LTJ’s hometown, which brought the mood in the place up like crazy. The response we had to a full room of people who had no idea who we are was really really cool. It seemed like the whole room was there to have a good time, and it was totally evident throughout the night. By the time LTJ hit the stage, The Standard was going absolutely nuts. We also got to see some friends from Buffalo and once again hang out on the Less Than Jake bus. Long story short, we ordered pizza, someone’s butthole was exposed directly in front of my face, and the owner of said butthole stole 3 slices of our pizza. All in all, a pretty normal night. Our good friend and possibly the sweetest person on the face of the earth, Sarasvati from Gainseville (Who also interns at P+P and has done a lot of work for us in the P+P warehouse) came out to hang and let us stay in her hotel room/brought us triscuts/emergen-c. It’s always an adventure hanging out with her, so we owe her a special THANK YOU for everything she’d done for us through the last weekend of the tour.

Day 9: Melbourne, FL

A very bitter sweet day for all of us, as it was the last date we’d be with Less Than Jake. We played a spot called The County Line Saloon which included a mechanical bull, and a woman walking around selling roses during the band’s set. Both of those things were new to us, but it was welcoming nonetheless. The sound in this gigantic room was awesome. On stage and off stage, everything sounded huge which makes all the difference when you’re playing. Our good friend Andrew from Heartwell ended up surprising us at the show which was a lot of fun because he’s the greatest dude of all time. Saying goodbye to Less Than Jake & crew was rough, but they assured us that we’d cross paths again.

We couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity that this tour presented. Being the small band that we are, this sort of chance was HUGE to us. It was genuinely a dream come true. Less Than Jake is an incredible band who’s been in the game for over 20 years, but still treated us like we mattered every single night. From something as big as bringing us out on the road, to saying our name on stage or wearing our t-shirts – this whole thing has been surreal. We couldn’t begin to explain how much we appreciated being a part of this tour with both Less Than Jake and Hostage Calm.

Until next time! Slayer.” -Mike/Pentimento

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