Pray for Sleep – DREAM TOUR Pray for Sleep – DREAM TOUR
In this Dream Tour segment, the post-hardcore band, Pray for Sleep, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. Pray for Sleep – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the post-hardcore band, Pray for Sleep, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

We sat around in a room for a few hours discussing and arguing about what our dream tour lineup would be. There was yelling, friendships were ended, then mended, then ended again. The band broke up three times going over this, but we worked it all out in the end. So here it is. Pray for Sleep’s dream tour lineup.


Fever 333: These guys were the only band everyone agreed on immediately, their absolutely insane stage presence and rocking music are a favorite of all of ours. All three of them always bring 100% to every show they perform, and their stage presence is inspiring to watch as musicians. It’s especially impressive that they get paid to break things and that’s cool. “Jason of Fever 333 is the nicest person that’s ever put a trash can on his head in front of a stadium full of people.” – Reno


Billie Eilish: We wanted to go for a long shot, and also something out of genre. Our dream tour would be something a large variety of people could enjoy. She is one of the few pop artists that the whole band listens to and enjoys, and her unique music would be a welcome addition on any tour in our eyes. Plus her song “Bad Guy” is a true bop. “Billie Eilish is a frickin genius, and her brother is a double frickin genius.” – Ethan


Silent Planet: We’ve gotten to play a show with them and it was one of our absolute favorite shows we’ve ever played. They are a group of the most genuine and loving people that are just so kind to everyone they meet. Their music is some of the most intricate and interesting music we’ve seen out there, and the combination of those two things makes them an ideal touring companion. “Silent Planet is my personal favorite band because I get to listen to good music and learn at the same time.” – Grant


I Prevail: They inspired us a lot in the studio. We’ve seen them a few times and they always put on a killer show. Their latest album is our go-to road trip soundtrack. Screaming all the words to Gasoline on the highway is very therapeutic. Great for group bonding. We would love a chance to meet the guys behind the music and perform with them. “I Prevail gave me a whole new perspective on what the genre could be.” – Hayden


Honorable mentions because we would fight if they weren’t on the list: Beartooth – Nothing More – Nothing, Nowhere – Bring Me the Horizon – The Plot in You – Papa Roach

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