In this Tour Tips segment, the indie rock band, Rah Rah, give you some advice for being on the road. You can check out... Rah Rah – TOUR TIPS

In this Tour Tips segment, the indie rock band, Rah Rah, give you some advice for being on the road. You can check out the feature, after the break.

1. Pack Tons Of Underwear
Running out of things on tour can be a bummer. No Toothpaste? Crappy, but the front desk at a hotel or every corner store every will have a suitable replacement for you. Ran out of Shirts? Wear a dirty one! As long as there are no mustard stains you’re fine.

Underwear is a different story altogether, store-bought does not equal clean. Leave plenty of room in your bag to pack all of the underwear. I don’t leave for a tour without 15-20 pairs, Not even for the weekend.

2. Learn How To Read
Books! Digging into the right book can easily destroy a 6+ hour drive, and after your finished you get to brag about having read a book! Call your mom and say “Hey Mom, I read books.” They love that stuff.

3. Scour The Web For Music Before You Leave
Get onto some hip music blogs and look up some music that you wouldn’t typically listen to. Get outside your comfort zone and open yourself up to something new. Then as you’re tearing down the highway in a van and you’ve just finished a book, you can discover some brand new music that sounds great on headphones and attach an experience to it i.e: The first time I heard Dusty Springfield’s “Dusty In Memphis” I fell asleep and slobbered on myself. Great Job!

4. Buy At Home
Maybe this doesn’t work for everybody but it’s something I’m pretty into. I know that I’m a bit of an impulse buyer and also bad with money. So before hopping in a van to travel all over the world, buy a great pair of shoes/boots from your local favourite shop. Buy an awesome shirt to perform in from a local independent designer or garment importer. When someone asks you where you got your cool-assed “digs” from, you get to tell them it was from a great shop where you live, and now THEY will stop by that shop when they come through YOUR town, in THEIR new band that they started because you’re such an inspiration, and a hero. What was the question?

5. Bring a pillow.
Because naps.

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