Reckless and Relentless Tour feat Asking Alexandria – REVIEW Reckless and Relentless Tour feat Asking Alexandria – REVIEW
The Reckless and Relentless Tour lived up to its name. All of the bands on the tour were both reckless and relentless on stage... Reckless and Relentless Tour feat Asking Alexandria – REVIEW

The Reckless and Relentless Tour lived up to its name. All of the bands on the tour were both reckless and relentless on stage and the crowd fed off their energy. We were lucky enough to see all of these bands while they were at The Jamboree in Toledo, OH. The tour featured Asking Alexandria, Emmure, Chiodos, Miss May I, Evergreen Terrace and Lower Than Atlantis. Check out our review of the tour after the break.

I was in Ohio for this years Jamboree where the Reckless and Relentless Tour package played. I had a whole lot of fun watching this tour, but I feel like a few bands were a bit weak.

Lower Than Atlantis is a punk rock band from the UK and believe me, they bring out their punk rock stage show when they play.  There is not a member of that band that isn’t giving it all he’s got. But I’m not sure that they are the best fit for this tour since most of the bands are hardcore/metal and that’s what all the kids wanted to see.

Evergreen Terrace had the best quote that I have ever heard, “let’s blow this place up like a methlab,” and that’s just what they did. They moved from song to song in a way that only seasoned bands like them can. The crowd was loving every minute of their set and hanging onto every one of their screams. I’m pretty sure that they didn’t miss a note. Evergreen Terrace gave one of the best live shows of this tour. They truly are a great band to see live.

Miss May I came out with a bang at this show. It didn’t take them more than 2 seconds to get the crowd pulled in and hooked on them. I have seen Miss May I a few times before and knowing that they bring a crazy stage show, I wasn’t looking for anything less. They love getting right up and personal with the crowd and making sure that they are a big part of the show. This show was a little different, though. The Miss May I boys asked for the crowd to come to them and that’s just what they got: over 150 kids crowd surfing throughout their set. Crazy is an understatement for what I saw.

Chiodos didn’t’ really do it for me. A few of the members were very into it and the crowd seemed to like it, but I feel that it didn’t have the energy that the other bands had. I don’t think that they gave it their all like they should. I feel like a band should give their fans 110% no matter what, and that’s not what I saw come out of their set.

Emmure came out and didn’t waste any time. If you have never seen this band and you like or love heavy music, then you’re missing out. Emmure had the whole place shaking. I could feel every bass note and every kick from the kickdrum in my chest. You could tell that the boys of Emmure were really trying to make the crowd go crazy for them. The crowd didn’t miss a single beat.

Asking Alexandria’s stage show comes with a whole lot of lighting and a ton of fog. But that didn’t stop Asking Alexandria from getting right down to business and giving the crowd the show that they came to see. Musically, I think that they could have lost the backing tracks, but hey, that’s just me. To those who don’t know any different, they loved every minute of it. Asking Alexandria did try to do a wall of death, but like I said, they tried and it didn’t work too well. I overheard a lot of the crowd saying, “well at least the light show was cool,” after their set.

Information about the tour…
Reckless and Relentless Tour
Asking Alexandria, Emmure, Chiodos, Miss May I, Evergreen Terrace, Lower Than Atlantis
April 9, 2011
Headliners in Toledo, OH

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