Righteous Vendetta – TOUR TIPS Righteous Vendetta – TOUR TIPS
This set of Tour Tips was written by the Wyoming based metal/rock band, Righteous Vendetta! You can check out their tips for being on... Righteous Vendetta – TOUR TIPS

This set of Tour Tips was written by the Wyoming based metal/rock band, Righteous Vendetta! You can check out their tips for being on tour, after the break.

1. Stock Up!
-Some bands are too shy to admit it, but living on the road and sweating your butt off every night tends to create many unpleasant odors you didn’t even know were capable of being made. Pack PLENTY of underwear and socks, and then pack even more. You have no way of knowing how often you will be able to take showers or do laundry, and out of all the clothing items, you do not want to be stuck without clean socks and undies.

2. Check In With Momma
-If you are a full-time touring band, you are on the road for months at a time. It becomes really easy to get too stuck in ‘tour mode’ and slowly become more distant from your relationships at home, which really starts to wear on not only you but those who love and miss you while you’re gone. Make it a priority to keep in contact on a regular basis with your family and friends, because those are the relationships that matter the most, no matter what your profession is.

3. Never Lose Motivation
-Stuff happens when you’re traveling all the time.. Good stuff, bad stuff, funny stuff, sad stuff, traumatizing stuff (yeah, I’m talking about seeing those 80 year old chicks riding a Harley in a bikini top.) The good times are amazing, but it is really easy to get overwhelmed by the negative stuff that happens, especially when it happens all at once. Finances and vehicle troubles are constant worries, and can consume your thoughts and start to overshadow the joy of living out your dreams. Now, there is a very good chance that you are on the road because you can’t picture doing anything else in life, and you have a burning passion to share your music and message with the world. When you have such a strong passion for something, there shouldn’t be anything that can take you away from the love and ambition you have for it. Keep your head up, and never forget why you started doing this. There is no issue that cannot be overcome, so don’t let it damper the fire you have for your passion.

4. You’re a Professional, Act Like It
-As fun as it is to dream of following in the footsteps of your rockstar idols, don’t lose touch with reality. A majority of touring acts, especially in the club and bar circuits, are nobodys in the grand scheme of the music industry. Every venue you play has most likely had their brushes with stars, and your band to them is just another night of entertainment for their business establishment. You need to treat every industry relationship as a business relationship. You are not doing the venues any favors by being there, nor the attendants of the shows. THEY are doing YOU a favor by having you there and working all the extra hours to make the show possible. Don’t ever let it get in your head that you are above any of the employees at the venues, any of your crew, any of the fans. Be respectful and grateful to everyone responsible of making every night happen, and do everything you can to help above and beyond your standard show routine. The music industry is all about relationships, and word spreads quick about sour apples. In conclusion, don’t be a tool.

5. Life is Simple
-In the words of the Zac Brown Band, “Life’s too simple to be so complicated.” Though it is the most fulfilling lifestyle, it is also the most difficult lifestyle you can willingly take on. Touring takes a huge toll on you mentally, physically, and emotionally. The cure for this is being your own psychologist. Appreciate the little things and don’t overwhelm yourself with the struggles of everyday life. If there is an issue with a relationship, solve it. If there is an issue with finances, spend less. There is a solution to anything making your life difficult, you just need to calm yourself down and find that solution. Touring and making a living is a dream come true to any aspiring musician, so enjoy the journey and appreciate every due you pay. Just be positive!

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