Rival Karma – TOUR TIPS Rival Karma – TOUR TIPS
In this Tour Tips segment, the hard rock band, Rival Karma, gives you their advice for being on the road. Rival Karma – TOUR TIPS

In this Tour Tips segment, the hard rock band, Rival Karma, gives you their advice for being on the road. You can check out the tips and stream their newest single, “Scream”, after the break.

We have developed this long list of 5 Tour Mantras – aimed to keep the peace, and guarantee the ninja lineage of our art:


1) You are what you eat. Bear in mind you’re traveling in close quarters with other people. Foods to avoid:
– Beans, Prunes, Lentils, Chickpeas, cabbage for obvious reasons.
– Spicy foods, too much garlic, durian (Indonesian fruit that stinks like a dead rat), or any extravagant laxative foods (also for obvious reasons).


2) Others are a reflection of how you treat them. This is a mantra, that we live by, even not on the road. Everybody has a job to do, everybody has
expectations, so just be chill – if you treat people with respect, have a fun time with people, and give 150000% on stage, you’ll receive all the love in the world from people. On the contrary, if you’re a pompous ass, who makes demands, arrives late, and complains about everything, or stares at the public in the eye and calls them cunts (true story) – don’t be surprised if your greenroom is all of a sudden a closet, that once was used by a rugby team. You get what you give.


3) Don’t be afraid to ask. More often than not, if you follow Mantra n*2 – people will go out of their way to help you. If you are sleeping it rough for one of your dates in the north of fuck knows where – mention it at the end of your gig – “oh, by the way, our hotel bailed on us, any chance any of you have a spare sofa we can crash on ?” You’d be surprised how many people are welcoming.


4) You shall set up your merch table. How many times have you been too busy sound checking, eating, telling dirty jokes, trying to chat up the barmaid, checking the batteries on your GameBoy, and forgotten to set up your merch table? You end your set, and 40 fans run to you to say “hey man can we buy your socks cause apparently you’re the only band in the world who tours without merch”. Set up your merch table.


5) Spread the Ninja Message. Make sure you remind people to stay ninja. This goes without saying, as the fathers of Ninja Rock, our sole mission is to spread the Ninja Word. So our Tour Mantra number 5, is by far the most important.

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