Running Lights – DREAM TOUR Running Lights – DREAM TOUR
In this Dream Tour segment, the electro pop band, Running Lights, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. Running Lights – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the electro pop band, Running Lights, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

Dream tour huh? Well, that’s a loaded question. Here are our top three picks!


The Night Game – These dudes are one of the most unadulterated music-making outfits on the scene today. They don’t shy away from sounds others would deem “cheesy.” They don’t turn a blind eye to chord progressions some would call “cliche.” And Martin Johnson most definitely DOES NOT write, produce, or perform based on what people expect from a pop/punk prince of old. There’s a general “fuck-all” demeanor he and the rest of his roulette of musicians embody onstage, a swagger that echos the finesse of Prince but harnesses the brawn of Springsteen, that encapsulates an audience to the point of ecstasy. These are the tactics of a true performer, a frontman. Tactics that I myself strive to employ both onstage AND in-studio. Techniques that do not shy away from the familiarity of pop song structure and subject matter. Tools that bring the word “classic” to mind. People like being around like-minded people right? Running Lights and The Night Game are no exception.
– Mike Squillante (Lead Vocals / Guitar)


Jon Bellion – Jon Bellion is one of the most entertaining performers I’ve ever seen live. I got to catch his set opening for 21 Pilots and he was unbelievable. His stamina his stage presence and his talent were unrivaled that night. It felt good to be someone who had never heard his music before and immediately be a fan because I saw him live. It seems that doesn’t happen very often, these days it’s all about your online presence but I felt like I got lucky to be introduced to him this organically. Now, all that being said being able to tour alongside such a talent would only inspire us to work harder than we already do considering we’d have such big shoes to fill at showtime!
– Nick Squillante (Keys / Backing Vocals)


Blink 182 – Having grown up in the golden age of pop-punk I saw the rise and fall of many great bands. I was drawn to Blink at such a young age not only because of my love for their music but also because of their image and energy. Nothing was cooler than seeing three dudes dressed in all the cool punk clothing at the time getting on stage and not giving a shit about anything other than having fun and connecting with their fans. In particular, I was drawn to the legendary Travis Barker. Covered in tattoos head to toe, sporting a sick Mohawk and commanding such speed, grace, and musicality behind the drum set, Travis became a demigod, idol, and a gold standard of drummers in not only my eyes but millions of peoples worldwide. In everything that I do I try to emulate the Blink of old, in particular, Travis; that is not giving a shit about what other people do or say, playing my heart out, and by going out on stage regardless of the scenario having fun and connecting with the crowd. Touring alongside them would be a dream come true.
– Steve Ranellone (Drums)

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