SafetySuit Fall Headline Tour – TOUR REVIEW SafetySuit Fall Headline Tour – TOUR REVIEW
A couple of our favorite pop/rock bands hit the great city of Chicago at The Bottom Lounge on September 21st! Those bands go by... SafetySuit Fall Headline Tour – TOUR REVIEW

A couple of our favorite pop/rock bands hit the great city of Chicago at The Bottom Lounge on September 21st! Those bands go by the names of SafetySuit and Go Radio. You can check out our review of this awesome tour after the break.

When I think of Go Radio, Mayday Parade comes to mind right away. Go Radio was the wild card on this tour since I had never seen them live before. Safetysuit on the other hand, has always been one of my favorite pop bands. Having a two-band bill like this one could have either ended in a disastrous night or an eventful one. To start the night, I took the time to get some food and drinks at the great Bottom Lounge restaurant, which put me in a good mood for the upcoming show. Just a heads up, if you’re ever at The Bottom Lounge, they have great food and a good selection of beers, so bring some extra money and make your stomach just as enjoyed as your ears will be!

The show started right on time and when Go Radio hit the stage, you could tell who was there for them because the right side of the front of the crowd went nuts. Go Radio opened up the show with the opening track on their new album called “I Won’t Lie.” This track was really catchy and heartfelt. I was instantly hooked. One of the best things about this band is that their singer, Jason Lancaster’s lyrics are so relatable. Since I enjoyed their first song so much, I knew I was in for a treat during the rest of their set.

Go Radio kept up the passion filled show with a great mixture of old and new songs. After I heard the tracks “Go to Hell’” and “Things I Don’t See,” I headed straight to the merch table to pick up their CD. The band played their classic song, “Goodnight Moon,” which had all of their fans singing. After seeing their truly beautiful set, I can indeed why the band has such dedicated fans. The split between Jason and Mayday a few years back has definitely been the best for both parties, in my opinion. Their music hit home in a lot of ways and I am lucky to have seen them live and to witness their passionate music in person.

Next was the headliner, Safetysuit. The room filled up quite fast once the band started playing. The band’s lead singer, Douglas Brown, put on one of the best live shows I have seen in a long time. His interaction with the fans was truly something special. All front men need to take note on how to interact with the crowd properly from this man. One of the most memorable songs of the night was “Annie.” They opened up the song by telling every woman in the crowd they are all beautiful in their own way and to never let a guy tell them otherwise. The crowd sang the words, the band enjoyed the energy the crowd brought and this song was when the band kicked it up a notch in their performance.

The message in Safetysuit’s songs is a message I really appreciate and admire. You can feel the love in every song, especially in the song “Never Stop.” I was however bummed out they did not play “You Don’t See Me At All.” I knew it was a long shot since it was a bonus track on their album, but the message of the song easily makes it one of my favorites by the band. The last song of the night was by far the most memorable. Doug went out to the crowd and took pictures with as many people as possible. This gesture showed me how much the band cares about their fans. Every girl screamed and fell in love instantly when he came near them or took a picture with them. The venue has a strict 9:00 P.M. curfew for all ages, but they let the band break it for one last song.

This was a show to remember. These are two bands that are onto something bigger and better with their musical careers and deserve all of the success they are experiencing. I can’t wait to cross paths with these bands again. I recommend everyone that everyone checks out Safetysuit’s latest effort, “These Times.” The money is well spent.

Information about the review…
: SafetySuit Fall Headline Tour
Bands: SafetySuit and Go Radio
Reviewer: George Medic
Date: September 21, 2012
Venue: The Bottom Lounge in Chicago, IL

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