In this Tour Tips segment, the pop band, SHAED, give you their tips for being on tour. SHAED – TOUR TIPS

In this Tour Tips segment, the pop band, SHAED, give you their tips for being on tour. You can check out the feature, after the break.

We’ve been on three tours so far and are about to embark on our first co-headlining tour with Foreign Air and special guest Dizzy. Here are some essential tips for tour life.


Every morning we load up on B12, oregano oil, and vitamin C to make sure we’re on track and ready to play the next show. We all got sick on the Bishop Briggs tour and things got out of hand (a.k.a us frantically trying to find urgent cares and ENTs in cities we have never been to while chugging kombucha). STAY HEALTHY!


2. Stop and Look
We try to use touring as an opportunity to not only play at amazing venues around the country but also explore new places. We love planning tiny excursions whenever we have free time – hiking, doing boat tours, going to breweries, eating ourselves sick, etc. There are so many hidden treasures in the towns and cities we play in, so we try our best to find them :)


Before we go out on the road we always do a humongous run to Costco to get snacks and drinks to store in the van. We load up on trail mix, Goldfish, and coconut water so I can grab something when I get super hungry, plus we can save money and time by not stopping. We used to get the Welch’s fruit snacks but we all overdosed on those…


4. Stay Organized!
Picture this – We’re getting ready for a show and I realize I forgot my stockings. I run back to the van, which is a mess, and pull out my huge suitcase, which is an even bigger mess, then spend precious minutes trying to locate the stockings… I’ve definitely learned my lesson and try to pack way more efficiently.


5. Dreamy Vibes
Being in a van filled with boys 100% of the time can be crazed so it’s nice to put those headphones in and escape. I tend to listen to the Dreamy Vibes playlist on Spotify when I feel the urge to punch everyone. If you have not listened to this I highly recommend doing so especially when you feel extra hellish.

November 30th @ Beat Kitchen in Chicago, IL
December 2nd @ Drake in Toronto, ON
December 4th @ Great Scott in Boston, MA
December 5th @ Public Arts in New York, NY
December 7th @ Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia, PA
December 8th @ Rock & Roll Hotel in Washington, DC

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(Photo credit: Nicole Mago)

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