In this First Concert Ever segment, the indie artist, Shel Bee, talks about her first concert ever. Shel Bee – FIRST CONCERT EVER

In this First Concert Ever segment, the indie artist, Shel Bee, talks about her first concert ever. You can check out the feature, after the break.

The first concert I ever went to (that I can remember) was Norah Jones in around 2003. I was 8 years old, and my Dad did this thing where he would take my sisters and me out individually for a concert at Ravinia, which is an outdoor music venue outside of Chicago, where I grew up. After the concert, we would go to Borders Books & Music (RIP) and I got to pick out a CD or a book. It was a fun time. I like that my Dad did that. It made me feel grown up.


I first heard Norah Jones in my childhood best friend’s kitchen. We were blown away by her voice. There are very few artists I remember hearing for the first time when I was that young, but she is definitely one of them. I liked how velvety and textured her voice is, and I remember that blue album cover for Come Away With Me.


Ravinia was a really fun venue because you could either buy tickets to be seated in the theater section, or you could buy tickets to bring your own picnic and listen out on the grass. That’s what my Dad and I did. At the time, Norah Jones was still kind of a new thing, so it was very exciting for me. I thought she was so cool, but not in a way that makes her seem too cool to talk to you. She was natural and just gifted. I liked how effortlessly music poured out of her and I liked that she was just a cool human, not this untouchable pop star.


She definitely inspired me, and I’m grateful for my Dad for taking me to see her. He has always had a huge appreciation for music and even used to write songs of his own when he was younger. I ended up going to many, many more concerts – a lot of them far more chaotic (I had a hardcore punk phase) – but I thank my Dad for introducing me to the live music world. And I thank Norah Jones for existing.

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