Sick Of It All – TOUR TIPS Sick Of It All – TOUR TIPS
This set of Tour Tips was written by the drummer of Sick Of It All, Armand Majidi. You can check out his advice for touring,... Sick Of It All – TOUR TIPS

This set of Tour Tips was written by the drummer of Sick Of It All, Armand Majidi. You can check out his advice for touring, after the break.

1. Dehydration is the enemy of hardcore, or any music for that matter. It’s hard enough getting decent sleep, avoiding the party and eating well, so water is your main ally in the attempt to feel human. Never leave a case behind. It’s amazing how quickly it’ll disappear on a day off.

2. Prepare for the roller-coaster. The emotional highs and lows of touring really tests people in a way normal life doesn’t. The general dissatisfaction of being somewhere you don’t want to be, sometimes for days on end, is harsh. Couple that with needing a break from certain people that are with you, and it’s a veritable powder keg. Being mentally prepared for this inevitability is important to avoid a full-on meltdown. Make sure to bring your own entertainment that ensures quality alone time. Whether it be music, movies, books or video games, you need a distraction and an escape that can take you away to that happy place.

3. Treat everyone with respect. There’s no point in being rude or dismissive toward anyone you encounter. Being civil to people who are working the doors, promoting the shows, tending bar, working security, etc. is a good way to stay grounded and humble. Greeting and introducing yourself to the bands you’re touring with is key as well. Even if you’re the biggest star in the world, being nice can make your career last far longer than if you act like a prick.

4. Embrace the travel. Touring, especially internationally, gives you the opportunity to take in all kinds of sights that other people only dream of. If you waste away your experience sitting in backstage rooms, hotels or buses all the time, you’re missing out. So do some research about the place you’re in, and get out there. Don’t tour in a cultural bubble.

5. One of the greatest aspects of touring is the humor that comes from busting each others’ balls, but never, never mess with someone while they’re sleeping, or mess with their food. Bad timing like that can end friendships, and bring out the animal in anyone. Know your limits!

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