SomeKindaWonderful – 5th ROAD BLOG from New Politics’ “Everywhere I Go Tour” SomeKindaWonderful – 5th ROAD BLOG from New Politics’ “Everywhere I Go Tour”
The rock band, SomeKindaWonderful, is currently on tour supporting New Politics on their “Everywhere I Go Tour,” alongside Bad Suns, this fall. While they... SomeKindaWonderful – 5th ROAD BLOG from New Politics’ “Everywhere I Go Tour”

The rock band, SomeKindaWonderful, is currently on tour supporting New Politics on their “Everywhere I Go Tour,” alongside Bad Suns, this fall. While they are on this tour, they will be doing an a blog for us. You can check out the fifth entry (with photos), written by Matt Gibson, after the break.

This week started off with a show in Lawrence, KS, but first we went to Kansas City to see our friend and DJ Jeriney for an interview for 96.5 The Buzz. We did our first radio interview way back at SXSW with her, and The Buzz has always supported us so it’s great to go back and see them. This time we had to go to Jeriney’s apartment since she broke her foot recently and couldn’t really walk; which we had no problem because her mom made a bunch of delicious food for us to eat. Here’s a picture of Jordy signing her cast.

SomeKindaWonderful - blog 4 - photo 1

The show in Lawrence ended up being really great. After that we headed to St Louis for a show at The Pageant. This was definitely one of the coolest venues we’ve played on tour. The walls of the whole backstage were covered with pictures of some super legendary musicians who had played there. So, it was kinda inspiring to see who all had played the same stage we were about to take. That night, Ben packed up the van with extreme efficiency and quickness, which as you can see made him extremely proud, hahaha!

SomeKindaWonderful - blog 4 - photo 2

Next, we were off to Minneapolis. At this point, it started to get really really cold and windy. We could literally feel the van being pushed around the road by gusts of wind, which wasn’t too comforting of a feeling. The show was fine, but the bathroom was AMAZING, lol. But seriously, the bathroom was beautiful and turns out that it has recently won awards for being the nicest public bathroom in the whole country, I kid you not. After the show, the venue treated us to a super delicious meal at a restaurant down the street. The meal followed by the first full night of sleep we had in weeks was a true blessing.

One of the worst parts of touring in the cold, for me, is that I can’t leave my guitars in the van overnight (the cold can damage them). So, I have to carry in all 6 of my guitars AND my luggage every night. This photo pretty much captures my frustration with lugging around all that shit in the cold.

SomeKindaWonderful - blog 4 - photo 3

After MInneapolis, we drove to Milwaukee for another fun show. But first, being in Wisconsin we had to stop and buy a ridiculous amount of cheese, most of which is still just taking up room in the van. In addition to the wonderful cheese, the venue that night turned out to be another incredible place for a few reasons. For starters, a few of the dressing rooms were designed by Prince, so as you could imagine they were over the top with silky and velvety goodness. Also, there was an empty Olympic size swimming pool that is supposedly haunted. However, we didn’t let a few potential ghosts prevent us from playing in the dried up pool like a bunch of children, haha.

Next up was Indianapolis, which was a market we hadn’t played yet, so it was especially surprising and great again to see the audience knowing the songs. Things got a little wild that night and we were eventually passing around a bottle of whiskey and chasing it down with leftover mango salsa from one of the Bad Suns dude’s dinners. Believe it or not whiskey and mango salsa go really well together, kinda.

SomeKindaWonderful - blog 4 - photo 4

After that, we were off to Chicago to play the House of Blues. The show was great and I was really happy that I got to see a handful of good friends who came out to the show. Seeing friends living in different cities is definitely one of my favorite parts of touring. Since we were kinda close to Cleveland (where Ben and I are from), we drove to Ohio after the show to finally spend a night in our own beds, and I gotta say it was worth the drive.

I will leave you with this moment from our Indy show where Jordy asked the audience to put up their peace signs with us. The moment was truly some kinda wonderful and I found this cool pic a fan took that I think captures the moment of energy of this whole tour. Until next week.

SomeKindaWonderful - blog 4 - photo 5

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