Spazz Cardigan – DREAM TOUR Spazz Cardigan – DREAM TOUR
In this Dream Tour segment, the alternative pop artist, Spazz Cardigan, shares who would be on his dream tour lineup. Spazz Cardigan – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the alternative pop artist, Spazz Cardigan, shares who would be on his dream tour lineup. You can check out his picks and stream his newest single, “Medicine”, after the break.

There is more music available than ever before now that recording/releasing music is so accessible — so being hip enough to know more than the tiniest sliver of what’s on the market is either impossible or a full-time career. The more good music you’re aware of and spending your time digesting = the more good music being released while you’re not paying attention. So 2018 is already a wacky time to try to put together a dream tour lineup of anybody other than your idols or your friends; BUT, I digress!


Joey Bada$$
Joey & I have the same birthday, and I’ve following his output and Pro Era since around 2012. Joey’s lyrics are incredible, sure, but his ENERGY?! No competition in his age bracket. Starting the night with a set by Joey Bada$$ pumps the crowd up immediately, gets the body nice and loose, and elevates the collective consciousness.


R. LUM. R.
Reggie is a buddy through the Nashville pop scene and has done a lot for giving a center of gravity to that scene since he relocated here from Florida. Aside from being an incredible human, he’s also got guitar game & falsetto game that no one in Nashville comes close to touching. If you’ve been on Spotify since 2016, chances are you’ve strolled across “Frustrated”, but I encourage you to take the nose dive into his EP ‘AFTERIMAGE’ — “Close Enough”, “Love Less”, and “Bleed Into the Water” are classics. R. LUM. R playing after Joey throws genre lines out the window an keeps the momentum high.


(I’d honestly love to play this slot, but realistically I’m probably before Reggie or even before Joey; either is fine and dandy with me)


David Bowie
If the laws of mortality don’t apply, my headliner is David Bowie. Bowie is my single biggest musical influence and I would have sold a kidney to see him perform before he passed away. In an ideal world, he’s not just resurrecting the Ziggy Stardust or Glass Spider tours, but performing a completely original set list spanning his catalog. I want it all. Station to Station, Blackstar, Diamond Dogs, Never Let Me Down, Black Tie White Noise, the instrumental pieces from the Eno trilogy – even b-sides from Outside & Earthling that none of us want to acknowledge. And, of course, “Magic Dance” from the Labyrinth soundtrack before an encore of “Changes”. Hell, Maybe bring Bjork out for a surprise duet on “Be My Wife”, the possibilities are beautifully limitless. Bowie is King.

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