Spider Rockets – PRESHOW RITUALS Spider Rockets – PRESHOW RITUALS
In this Preshow Rituals segment, the rock band, Spider Rockets, share what they do before every show. Spider Rockets – PRESHOW RITUALS

In this Preshow Rituals segment, the rock band, Spider Rockets, share what they do before every show. You can check out their rituals, after the break.

For us, the pre-show rituals begin early. Because you never know what you are gonna find when you get to the venue. Even if you have been there before, you just never know. Examples: the doors can still be closed for hours. Other times, we walk in the doors and wait 3 hours for other stuff to get organized, but can’t really do anything since we don’t know where to go and everyone else is too busy to help us. And, sometimes we walk into the venue and we are pulled into a whirlwind of activity right off the bat and don’t have time to find the restroom.


So, we start early for our pre-show rituals. About 1-2 hours from the venue, we find a truck stop. We hit the restrooms. Truck stops have the cleanest restrooms. Really. And venues? Well, as I said before, you never know…. Let’s leave it at that. We also get coffee and anything else we may need. These places have so much stuff and some pretty unique merchandise. So we stretch our legs a bit and browse around a bit. This is necessary after sitting and driving for hours. Have you ever seen Anti-Monkey butt cream? Many people never have and I was so impressed I took a picture of it the first time I did. It is very hard to find and is usually only at the best truck stops.


When we hit the road again, we turn on Journey’s ‘Greatest Hits’ full blast. It is time for a group sing-along. Full participation — everyone has to join in. This is reminiscent of the car scene in Wayne’s World with Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” but not as awesome. But it is important to get us in the right frame of mind!


Then, it’s time for vocal exercises. All the poor suffering souls in the van listen for 15-20 minutes as I go through these exercises. They hate me, but this is necessary because, again, you never know when you’ll have a chance to do this again at the venue.


Right before the show, we each warm up in our own way. Usual musician stuff for guitar warm up, drum warm up and some vocal stuff. But the stuff before we get to the venue is where our real rituals are….

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