Street Youth Rising Tour feat. Pierce The Veil – REVIEW Street Youth Rising Tour feat. Pierce The Veil – REVIEW
The Street Youth Rising Tour feat. Pierce The Veil came through Durty Nellies in Palatine, IL recently and we were there for capture all... Street Youth Rising Tour feat. Pierce The Veil – REVIEW

The Street Youth Rising Tour feat. Pierce The Veil came through Durty Nellies in Palatine, IL recently and we were there for capture all of the events of the night in this review. You can check out our review, after the break.

Opening the night to this sold out show, was Issues. Even though the venue was not completely full yet, that did not stop them from giving a dynamic performance. They played songs such as “Love, Sex, Riot”, “The Worst of Them”, “Princeton Ave.”, and “King of Amarillo” off their album, Black Diamonds. This band is quickly gaining recognition and getting lots of tour time, with this being their second time already, performing in the Chicagoland area within two months, and they will be back in Chicago in just one week on a different tour. Even though I do enjoy their music, I feel they should change up their set list a bit, maybe throw in a cover for their upcoming shows so it is not exactly the same as the past two shows. I know they only have a few songs under them and even though their set time isn’t long, they make full use of it.

Next to perform is the always entertaining, Letlive. Jason Butler, the lead vocalist is always full of life every time I see them perform. Butler really does let loose when on stage. The crowd fed off his energy and started moshing and cheered when Butler stage dived. Playing song such as “Muther”, “Renegade 86”, and a new song called “The 27 club”, Letlive kept the people moving and at times the crowd’s voice could be heard over his. Just as how wild they are onstage, is just how calm they were after the show meeting everyone, and taking pictures.

When Memphis May Fire took the stage, I could tell I was in for a treat. This being the first time I heard them, I can say I am without a doubt a MMF fan now. Performing songs “The Sinner”, “Without Walls”, “Legacy”, “Losing Sight”, “The Victim”, “Prove Me Right”, and my now personnel favorite “The Deceived”. Matty Mullins, lead singer of MMF, told a story in between songs about a talk between him and a counselor he once had. When asked by the counselor in high school what he was going to do with his life, he responded with ‘I’m going to be the voice of a generation,’ he continued on with telling the crowd “I never lost sight of what I was capable of, and I believe the same thing in every single one of you.” After watching them live, I will be on the lookout now to see when they are coming back.

Once it was time for Pierce the Veil to take the stage, the venue was packed. “If we all die tomorrow, we are going to have the best fucking night” said Vic Fuentes, lead vocalist and what a great night it was. Opening the set with “Hell Above”, Pierce the Veil played a full set making sure to cover all the hits such as “Bulletproof Love” , “A March Into Water”, “Caraphernelia”, “Besitos”, and “Disasterology”. Dedicating “Hold On till May” to his older brother, Frank who beat cancer last month, they also had Jason Butler come out for “Tangled in the Great Escape”.  During the set, circle pits opened up and the crowd’s voice could be heard over Vic’s for almost every song. After they played what would be their last one, the crowd chanted ‘one more song’ and Vic came on stage with an acoustic guitar and did an acoustic version of “I’m Low on Gas and You Need a Jacket”. Ending the night with the whole band playing, “King for a Day”, it was complete with confetti shooting out of the sides of the stage into the crowd.

The Street Youth Rising tour is not one to miss out on. It will be a fun filled night with amazing music to discover if you haven’t already heard of these bands.

Information about the review…
Street Youth Rising Tour feat. Pierce The Veil
Bands: Pierce The Veil, Memphis May Fire, Letlive, Issues
Reviewer: Ali Jimenez
Date: March 30, 2013
Venue: Durty Nellies in Palatine, IL

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