The Technicolors – 1st ROAD BLOG from their “2013 U.S. Tour” The Technicolors – 1st ROAD BLOG from their “2013 U.S. Tour”
The Phoenix based rock ‘n roll band, The Technicolors, is currently on tour, including dates with The Psychedelic Furs. While they’re on this tour,... The Technicolors – 1st ROAD BLOG from their “2013 U.S. Tour”

The Phoenix based rock ‘n roll band, The Technicolors, is currently on tour, including dates with The Psychedelic Furs. While they’re on this tour, they will be doing an exclusive Road Blog for us. You can check out their first entry (with pictures), after the break.

Day 1 started the way most Day 1’s start for us on the road – but ended in more of a unique way. That being, Aspen. I don’t think I have ever assumed we would play Aspen anytime soon, not because I didn’t want to, but because it never was on my radar as a place that would bring in music. And I was wrong.

We met up at our practice spot at 11:30am loaded up the trailer, grabbed some chipotle (the best kind of addiction) and headed out. We were immediately in tour mode once Nico said some semi-inappropriate joke and reminded us of the antics to come. We arrived at our first destination in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. Never have I heard so many one-liners recited from one of the most watched movies (in my opinion) of all time. “California, beautiful.” “A little place called Assssspen”, just to name a couple. I felt like I was living out ‘Dumb and Dumber’ in real time. We played with Lisa Marie Presley there, and solidified our spot in the world of music and would go down in history as the only band ever to have played with the daughter of one of the most legendary names in the history of music on the night of September 9th, 2013 – and that’s pretty cool.

I realized that my random affection for Colorado (even before I had ever been there) was for good reason. The drive from Aspen to Denver was amazing. Driving through Vail made me want to cry a peaceful tear. In this tear, a well of life would sprout out from the pore of my eye. She would contain all of the necessities of life. Faith, family, friends, other people, vegans, and pets (in order of importance). Although Arizona will always be home. Home of the living. Home of the dry heat. Home of the camels and cacti. Home of the brave and home of the free.

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Anyways, where was I… Oh yes! I was arriving at the point in the story where Nico violently jousted his bass into my face on stage. (Stick around to find out how).

After Colorado, we went to Lincoln, Nebraska where I witnessed more corn growing than I have ever before. Someone should report those damned corn fields soon before they get too out of control – or maybe we’re already too late.

From Lincoln, we went to Minneapolis. There we played at ‘First Avenue’ which is the venue that the 1984 movie ‘Purple Rain’ was filmed. Prince owned the venue for a while and Gibson gave the place an award for “One of the top 10 best rock venues of all time”. And that’s pretty cool too.

From there we headed to Madison, Wisconsin. We have been thankful for this tour specifically because we’ve been able to hit a few places we’ve never been too. Madison was no exception. If you love the big city – yet not too big of a city feel, the lake, coffee, and cheese curds, then you should move to Madison like, yesterday. We played a great set that night, amazing crowd, awesome venue, etc. The night was smashed in the face, however, when Nico decided it was a good idea to take his bass and smash me in the face with it. On stage. During a song. Now, his story goes – “I tripped over the kick drum mic and fell forward.” But my story is different all together. In short, he wanted to humiliate me. I have never seen so much rage in someone’s eyes than that night. “What did I ever do to him?” I asked myself. Alas, I realized. He was jealous. So he tried to ruin my face. Jealous of what? Who knows. We fought it out in a high pitched screaming match after and then hugged. All is well. (Or maybe he was right. Maybe he did trip and maybe he felt awful. Maybe he was so apologetic and sensitive to the situation that he even cried a little. Either way I like my story better. I will leave it to you to decide.)

That leaves us with today. Nothing eventful really.

Peace be with you.

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