Ten Minute Detour – DREAM TOUR Ten Minute Detour – DREAM TOUR
In this Dream Tour segment, the indie/garage rock band, Ten Minute Detour, let you know who they would like on their ultimate tour lineup.... Ten Minute Detour – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the indie/garage rock band, Ten Minute Detour, let you know who they would like on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out the feature, after the break.

Andrew Shier – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
My dream tour would be with Temple of the Dog. I’ve always looked up to guys like Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell. Their vocals are so gritty and powerful it really hits you right in the gut. My brother is 14 years older than me so growing up I was being fed everything from Pantera to Blind Melon, Alice in Chains to Metallica. For some reason the lead vocals were always my focal point when listening to that stuff, so naturally Vedder and Cornell became my favorites. I couldn’t imagine the energy on the west coast during early 90’s grunge, and I would do anything to stand backstage and hear those two belt. Maybe Eddie would even give me a swig of his wine…

Michael Stokes – Bass Guitar
For me the perfect tour would be through Europe with two of my absolute favorite bands; Queens Of The Stone Age and Swans.

Queens is one of the tightest, most cohesive bands I’ve ever seen live. They have this uncanny ability to take these dissonant textures and counter melodies and shape them in a relatively poppy song structure. Not to mention Josh Homme is just a beast of a guitarist and vocalist.

Swans is a band that I’ve never had the opportunity to see live, unfortunately, but whose live shows have become legendary for their intensity and sheer volume. Some first-hand accounts from friends and even just a youtube search of one of their concerts has made me desperate to see them live. To Be Kind, their last album, is truly an epic work of art. The use of repetition in their music is unmatched in my opinion. Most songs starting slow and quiet to set the mood and then building and building until by then end you’re just being hit by this wall of sound. Just remember your earplugs!

Jordan MacNeil – Guitar
My dream tour would have us opening for Kings of Leon circa 2007 all across Europe. The raw indie garage rock revival movement, pioneered by the white stripes and the strokes, would be in full swing. Second wave bands like Arctic Monkeys, Black Keys, Interpol and most notably, Kings of Leon would be riding this wave and gaining immense popularity. KOL would have been touring their third album, on the brink of exploding into international mega-stardom. Still young and rowdy on stage, playing prime spots at every festival and venue, including Glastonbury (my dream festival to play at). There was an aura and buzz surrounding them that was unbridled, grabbing the attention of bands like Radiohead and Pearl Jam. Eddie Vedder was so excited about the band that he took multiple opportunities to jump on stage with them throughout the tour, and TMD, would, of course, be included in those famous jam sessions. The crowds would be charged, the shows electrifying, and the chance to be a part of that would be amazing and a dream come true.

Shane Hogg – Drums
If I had to pick one band to go on tour with, it would be The Sam Roberts Band. They have always been one of my favorite artists, playing some of the nicest parks, amphitheaters, and venues that Canada has to offer. The fact that he is a Canadian artist would have something to do with it. When I saw them play in my hometown for the first time, I approached the band for an autograph before they went up on stage. They ended up inviting a couple friends and I into their circle to kick around a soccer ball. Pretty cool meet and greet.

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