The Floozies – TOUR TIPS The Floozies – TOUR TIPS
In this Tour Tips segment, the electro funk duo, The Floozies, give you their tips for being on tour. The Floozies – TOUR TIPS

In this Tour Tips segment, the electro funk duo, The Floozies, give you their tips for being on tour. You can check out the feature, after the break.

1. Eat Well
An obvious one but important. It’s harder than you think. You don’t exactly have time to cook or the means to do so anyways, you also aren’t around healthy groceries or restaurants all the time. Anyways, I have found some great tricks. I keep chia seeds and limes on the bus. Take a few spoonfuls of chia seeds and put them in a glass. Squeeze a lime into the glass and then fill it with water. Let it sit, stirring a few times, for 15 minutes. Then enjoy! It’s a nice light high protein, high fiber, and hydrating thing to do when you don’t have any good options (or even when you do) and it tastes like a limeade mmmm. I keep avocados, fruit, nuts, coconut water, and other healthy light snacks on the bus or in the van/hotel room as well. Sometimes its half my suitcase! I go out of my way to find these things and stock up. I like to keep black cold brew coffees and some tea around as well cause I like to get hopped up on caffeine without drinking gnarly energy drinks. Then when you eat out try to eat things that don’t make you feel like shit, simple enough!


2. Exercise
This is one that is hard on a winter tour. Or any tour sometimes when you don’t have time or energy left. Matt and I both love playing basketball and can hang pretty good id say. We look for courts and always keep a ball on the bus. Matt likes to take runs, he’s pretty good about doing it every day. He will plot out a run outside or run on a hotel treadmill. He also does pushups and ab workouts, cause sometimes your only option is a tiny green room or a hotel room. I like to find yoga studios when I can fit it into the schedule and make my way there although it’s rare that it works out. Doing some moves and breathing on my own in the venue is still really helpful especially when you’re crammed in a bus all the time physically and mentally you are overstimulated! also next tour we are bringing a trap bar and doing DEADLIFTS! a whole bunch, my favorite weight lifting exercise by far.


3. Explore and Appreciate
Get out there and see and experience every town and place you can. You aren’t going to be doing this forever. I always find a coffee shop to check out that’s unique to the city we are in. A good way to explore on the walk there and ask about things and take in the environment a bit. I will spend some time working on a beat or just hanging out there. Sometimes that’s all there is time for, but ya gotta do something. Sitting in bars and green rooms day in and day out is no way to live without a little bit of exploration! Appreciate that you get to live a life filled with music, travel, freedom, abundance, positivity, and try to spread some love back to the people and places that allow you to do that. The crew, venue workers, fans, concert goers, security, production staff, everybody, all of them deserve your appreciation, your time, and a smile.


4. Experiment during soundcheck
It really is best to always be working on something new. Either a new song or transition or fun guitar stuff. And while you can put on headphones and post up in the green room, it’s just not the same as a full set up. We try some new thing basically every time we soundcheck and it really helps you to keep pushing things forward.


5. Find creative ways to assert your dominance
Lights guy getting a little overzealous and what not? Buy him a pizza during load in but then eat it before he gets done. Leave the empty box somewhere he can see it. Opener acting a little out of line? Push that set time earlier to 8pm for no reason. That’ll learn em. Tour manager acting like he owns the place? Lick your thumb and smash it into his sandwich in his office right in front of him and then just leave. Remember, this is your bus. Make sure the crew is constantly in fear of losing their jobs, and possibly, their lives.

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