The Horror Nights Tour feat Aiden – REVIEW The Horror Nights Tour feat Aiden – REVIEW
On The Horror Nights tour featuring Aiden, they came to the Bottom Lounge in Chicago. With them came Eyes Set To Kill, Vampires Everywhere!, Get... The Horror Nights Tour feat Aiden – REVIEW

On The Horror Nights tour featuring Aiden, they came to the Bottom Lounge in Chicago. With them came Eyes Set To Kill, Vampires Everywhere!, Get Scared, and Dr. Acula. You can check out our review after the break. 

When I arrived at the venue, I noticed the wide range of fans. A lot of them were dressed in all black wearing clothes that I typically associate with clothing sold at your local Hot Topic, lol. The majority of the fans looked to be around the ages of 14-18.

The show began with Dr. Acula from Long Island, NY. The first thing I noticed when they started playing was that the sound of the venue was amazing. You could hear nearly every detail of each instrument. Dr. Acula was a very energetic band with heart dropping breakdowns. They really put on a show that didn’t disappoint.

Vampires Everywhere! from Hollywood, CA was the second band on the package. They had a very unique sound compared to the first band. Their vocalist carried a wide range of vocals and high screams. The crowd really fed off the energy throughout their set and I was very impressed overall.

Get Scared from Layon, Utah was the third band to play. The crowd’s energy began to rise when they started their intro. The singer had an unusual makeup display of what seemed to be a handprint across his face, which drew my interest.  The band showed tons of energy and the fans sang along to nearly every word of each song. Get scared truly proved they were born to play on stage. They had also announced the release of their next record, which will be July 12! Make sure to pick up a copy!

Eyes Set To Kill from Tempe, AZ was next to take the stage. Once they started their set, the energy of the show exploded. The band consists of three guys and two sisters, Alexia and Anissa Rodriguez, who are exceptionally talented musicians. One of the ladies also represented the Chicago Bulls by wearing this year’s MVP Derrick Rose’s Jersey. The band played a wide display of bone crushing breakdowns and beautiful melodies sung by Alexia. They had a very post hardcore melodic sound. The crowd really went wild during their set.

After much anticipation, the night’s headliner band Aiden from Seattle, Washington began to set up. Fans began to cheer as the band was setting up their banners. As the lights dimmed down, the entire room filled with cheers, chanting “Aiden! Aiden!”. The anticipation for the band grew immensely. When the band opened their set and began playing their first song, the energy of the crowd went through the roof! Kids began jumping on each other and on stage.  Fans began moshing and crowd surfing, all of which are the perfect ingredients for an amazing rock show. Close to the end of their set, Aiden had even created a wall of death, which left the entire room in chaos. Aiden proved to be a band that has been around for years, and still continues to do what they love. The singer did preach atheism and anti-religion to the young crowd, which could be a bit questionable, but to each their own. Other than that, Aiden pulled a fantastic show for all their fans proving that a band with 7 albums under their belt was made to play music.

Information about the review…
Tour: The Horror Nights Tour feat. Aiden
Bands: Aiden (Victory Records), Eyes Set To Kill, Vampires Everywhere! (Century Media), Get Scared (Universal Motown) and Dr. Acula (Victory Records)
Date: May 13, 2011
Venue: The Bottom Lounge in Chicago, IL

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