The Hush Sound’s U.S. Headline Tour with Hockey – REVIEW The Hush Sound’s U.S. Headline Tour with Hockey – REVIEW
We recently attended The Hush Sound’s hometown show at The Metro in Chicago, during their U.S. headline tour with Hockey! You can check out... The Hush Sound’s U.S. Headline Tour with Hockey – REVIEW

We recently attended The Hush Sound’s hometown show at The Metro in Chicago, during their U.S. headline tour with Hockey! You can check out our review of the show and live photos, after the break.

If you want to spend your evening with some pretty amazing musicians and have some laughs along the way then you need to pick up a ticket to The Hush Sound’s tour with Hockey, River City Extension, Genevieve Schatz, and Lucas Carpenter.

With a packed bill the night started early with Lucas Carpenter taking the stage to not even a full room yet. That however did not stop him from putting on a great show. When someone comes on stage and says, “I’m going to be playing some jammy jams,” how can you not stop what you’re doing and listen. I would love to see him again even if it just for a few minutes. His banter with the crowd was too funny and this one man band is really something to look out for. He is a man of many talents playing the guitar, keyboard, his “little tambourine”, and other instruments, the crowd seemed to be groovin’ along with him. Let’s just say he has definitely gained a fan here and I would recommend checking out “Tumbleweed” and “Can’t Take It Back” by him. He also made appearances during The Hush Sound and River City Extension’s sets.

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Taking the stage next was Genevieve Schatz, from the band Company of Thieves. Joining her on stage was Chris from The Hush Sound on guitar. Wearing a simple pair of jeans, white shirt and sparkly, silver cardigan over, she absolutely glowed. (In a good way). Her powerful lungs are really something to hear if you haven’t yet. She was also giving away a free download card if you came and said hi to her by the merch area after. If you want to hear some amazing vocals listen to “Easier”, “Start Over”, and her new song “Other Side”.

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Moving here from New Jersey to record their record, these six musicians, are making a name for themselves. River City Extension is no ordinary band. With a violinist and keyboardist thrown into the mix, these artists all know how to put on a show. By the time they were ready to play, the venue was packed. Playing songs such as “Standing Outside a Southern Riot”, “If You Need Me Back in Brooklyn,” and “Something Salty, Something Sweet”, you need to give them a listen. Their lyrics are uplifting and their music itself is just so chill you can’t help but sing along and smile.

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The band, Hockey, is really fun to watch live. I will be sure to catch them next time they are here. Performing “Too Fake”, “Love is Strange”, “Calling Back”, and others before ending the set with “Song Away”, they had the crowd singing along and dancing. If you need a new band to listen to, look no further because this is your band. With the lead singer going to the drums and playing those as well during certain songs, and one of the guitarists playing in her bare feet, they are all unique in their own performances.

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With The Hush Sound taking the stage, they just looked right at home. Greta starting off the set with just her and her keyboard, and then everyone else joined her on stage. With their families also there cheering them on they played “Echo”, “We Intertwined”, “Wine Red”, “Honey”, and new songs “Scavengers”, and “Tidal Waves”, among others. “Tidal Waves”, was just released earlier that day in support of their favorite charity, Songs for the Kids Foundation. The song is just a $1 minimum donation, with 50% of proceeds go to the charity. During their set they even had a dance party on stage. They invited five people to come up with them and dance which was really cool to see. At the end they picked two finalists and had the crowd cheer for who they liked better. The loser had to drink a cup of some mysterious disgusting drink. It was a nice mini-show within the show. After they played what would have been their last song, the crowd kept clapping until they came back on stage. Once they did, they had the crowd pick what song was going to be played next which ended up being “Crawling Towards the Sun”.

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I can honestly say this was the first concert that I have been to where the music was purely feel good tunes, and just good vibes all around. The atmosphere and mood was so relaxed and happy. All the musicians were amazing and it felt like it was just a gathering of old friends rather than a show. It felt a lot more personnel and exciting. If this tour is coming to you, do not pass up the chance to go. You will regret it.

Information about the review…
Tour: The Hush Sound’s U.S. Headline Tour with Hockey!
Bands: The Hush Sound, Hockey, River City Extension, Genevieve Schatz (from Company of Thieves), Lucas Carpenter
Reviewer: Ali Jimenez
Photographer: Ali Jimenez
Date: June 4, 2013
Venue: The Metro in Chicago, IL

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